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  • Command and Control to Achieve Success in Life

    In the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti Acharya has said that “The destruction is inevitable for a tree standing on the bank of a river, a woman in the house of a stranger, and for a  king with stupid/bad counselors.” In this article, we will be discussing this Chanakya Quote in detail. Have a look. Don’t be a tree: […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter Seventeen

    The ideas & quotes from the last chapter of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look: If a child is conceived by a woman from a man who is not her husband. Such a child is termed as a bastard and not given respect & importance in society. The same is the case with bookish knowledge gained […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 16

    The following lines contain the ideas stated in the 16th chapter of Chanakya Neeti Sastra. Have a look: (* Discretion is Advised) A man who never remembers the Almighty will not get out of the life-death cycle. One who is deprived of the wealth of religion will never reach the doors-of-heaven, and someone who has not […]

  • Chapter 15: Chanakya Neeti Quotes

    Chanakya Neeti Quotes from chapter 15 . Have a look upon them. A man who has mercy and compassion for all creatures is religious for sure. He does not require any religious symbol or sign to prove his religiousness. A guru who shows his disciple the path of righteousness leaves a huge debt. It cannot […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 14

    Have a look at the inspirational ideas from chapter 14 of Chanakya Neeti. In this world, there are only three real gems. They are water, food grains, and right language. On the other hand, fools confuse gems with stones. Poverty, diseases, conflicts, and other problems in life are nothing but the fruits from the tree of […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 13

    The points stated below reflect the ideas illustrated in the 13th chapter of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look: It is better to live for three-quarters of an hour doing good deeds than living a sinful life for thousands of years. It is your acts that count, not your life span. One must not be afraid of the […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 12

    The lines stated below contain the ideas mentioned in the 12th chapter of Chanakya Neeti.  Have a look: Such home is endowed with divine favor of God; where sons & daughter obey orders, the housewife is sweet-tongued, family members are hardworking, the money is earned with honesty and is sufficient to fulfill their needs, food […]

  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 11

    This article contains the ideas illustrated in the 11th chapter of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look: The natural tendencies for charity, basic logic, politeness, and the ability to bear pain cannot be taught to anyone. It depends on the person whether he is willing to acquire them or not. A person who leaves his community to […]

  • Chanakya Niti: Chapter 10

    Below are the quotes from chapter 10 of Chanakya Niti. Have a look: A man without money is not poor in comparison to a man without knowledge. A person must walk with his eyes open, must drink clean water, speak words of wisdom, and must perform an action only after thinking about the pros & cons. […]

  • Chanakya Niti: Chapter 9

    Need not to mention that Chanakya Niti is a remarkable book. Below are the important points stated in chapter 9. Have a look. Any person aiming at deliverance must quit his bad habits and addictions as if they are poison. One must consider the qualities like tolerance, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and trust as nectar i.e., include those […]