Need not to mention that Chanakya Niti is a remarkable book. Below are the important points stated in chapter 9. Have a look.

Any person aiming at deliverance must quit his bad habits and addictions as if they are poison. One must consider the qualities like tolerance, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and trust as nectar i.e., include those qualities in life.

People who are not good at keeping their secrets and who use foul language meet quick destruction. Just like a snake trapped in a moth hill will die for sure.

Lord Brahma created gold without fragrance, did not add sweet fruits to sugarcane, and didn’t add flowers in the sandalwood tree. In the same manner, he didn’t allow wealth to scholars and longer life to kings.  It appears as if the advisers in his council are not so good.  [Simply a satire ]

Nectar is considered as the king of all medicines, food as the most satisfying stuff, the eye as the queen of all sensory organs, and the head as the most critical part of the body.

A student, servant, guard,  starving person, and a traveler must be woken up when on duty.

One must never disturb them while sleeping. They are tiger, king, Child, other’s dog, serpent, and a pig. Let them sleep.

A man who recites scriptures just for making money and who has no problem in receiving alms from lowly people loses his respect permanently. People will begin treating him as an insignificant snake with no venom.

Whose anger is incapable of stimulating, Whose appeasement doesn’t deliver profit, and someone without authority to punish or to reward are no one but insignificant people.

If a snake is non-poisonous, even then, it must pretend like one with the ability to take life. (You know your weakness, not your opponent. It might fetch you a victory)

Wise men spend their time reading stories of gamblers in the morning (Mahabharata), of women in the day (Ramayana), and of a thieve at night (Gita by Shri Krishna).

When it comes to worship, then one must offer garland made by himself, sandalwood paste rubbed by his own hands, and singing a self-created song. (Moral is that worship/religion is a personal  matter)

A cane, fool, oilseed, gold, land, woman, pann, and sandalwood become better and better with rubdowns.

Poverty can be dealt with patience. Even ordinary clothes appear beautiful if clean. Hot and fresh food is also consumable if not tasty. Similarly, a good character is of considerable significance despite the lack of physical beauty.

Here comes the end of chapter nine of Chanakya Niti. I hope you liked the concepts included in it. I am waiting for your precious feedback on those Chanakya Niti quotes stated above.

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