Below are the ideas from chapter 8 of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look:

Those who desire only wealth belong to the lowest class of men. Who wish for wealth and respect are above them. The men who want honor and respect are superior to all of them.

Like a lamp consumes darkness and produces soot. Similarly, the offspring of a person reflects the kind of food consumed by him. (Money must be earned from right sources )

O God, wealth must go in the hands of good people. Water in the sea is saline, but the water in the cloud gives life to all living creatures. In the same way, the money in the hands of the right person brings happiness to others, while in the hands of wicked…

One foreign invader is filthy as a thousand scavengers.

One must take a bath thoroughly after an oil massage, hair cut, sex, and attending the funeral to attain pureness.

Education will be useless until it is not put to some practical use. The life of an uneducated person is a total waste. Similar is the case with an army without a commander and a wife without a husband.

It is a great tragedy to a man whose wife passes in old age, whose money is taken by a relative, and who lives on the food of others.

Studying Vedas without performing Yajna is useless, and performing Yajna without charity is also meaningless. A person’s spirit must be fully involved while performing any religious act.

An idol of God made of wood, stone, or metal must be worshiped as if God is present in it. God blesses according to the faith you have in him.

God is not present in idols and stones. God resides in the soul of all people. Where people pray with full devotion, God exists there.

No blessing is more prominent than peace. No joy is more significant than contentment. There is no religion larger than mercy. For a man, greed is the worse disease.

Anger is like death. The feeling of revenge is like a river of agony. Education provides everything to a man and, feeling contentedness is a great blessing.

Good qualities enhance the beauty of a person; genteelness adds to the glory of one’s family. Practical implementation is the biggest tribute to education, and wise expenditure is an excellent tribute to one’s wealth.

A man with beauty, but no talent is useless. A  person with ill-manners brings shame to the family. Like money not spent wisely is a waste, so is the education that cannot be applied.

Following are considered pious; water coming from the ground, an honest wife,  a king caring for his subjects, and a Brahmin without greed.

Following are most likely to destroy themselves; a greedy Brahmin, a contented (inactive) king,  a coy prostitute, and a shameless woman.

A great dynasty is not great if it lacks the presence of educated members. If a person of low birth has knowledge and wisdom, then he must be respected like/by nobles.

Everyone respects wise men. They are rewarded with honor and money.  A person can attain everything through knowledge.  It is worshiped everywhere.

The Earth is in great pain as it is being crushed by animals (humans) like drunkards, idiots, and uneducated.

The organizers who don’t do charity and priests who perform yajna without understanding the meaning of sacred verses. Such men are to be considered as enemies that deplete the food coffers of a nation.

 Chanakya NitiChapter 7       Chapter 9.