Below are the quotes from chapter 10 of Chanakya Niti. Have a look:

A man without money is not poor in comparison to a man without knowledge.

A person must walk with his eyes open, must drink clean water, speak words of wisdom, and must perform an action only after thinking about the pros & cons.

A crow can eat anything, a poet is capable of imagining anything, a woman can do anything,  and a drunkard can say anything.

If you are looking for knowledge, then give up the hope of finding comfort. (Maybe, after getting Wisdom … lol )

Fate plays a significant role in the life of a person. It can turn a king to beggar and vice-versa.

A greedy person considers beggars to be his enemy, a woman with loose character considers her husband as an enemy, and a thief considers the moon to be his enemy. A fool treats his advisor in a similar manner.

Chanakya says … who don’t have the knowledge, who don’t perform good deeds, don’t do charity, are not kind, lack in politeness, and are not merciful; they are not humans, but beasts.

As per Chanakya Niti, it is a waste to advise some foolish person. Your words won’t change the person’s nature. Like the fragrant wind passing through a forest of sandalwood does not make any impact on the odor of a bamboo tree.

Like a blind person cannot utilize a mirror. In the same manner, a foolish person cannot benefit from books. 

Chanakya says that it is better to live in a forest with wild beasts, it is better to consume wild berries, it is better to sleep on the bed of thorns than living in poverty with your kith and kins.

… One must protect the source; If the root is destroyed, then the tree will fall.

Different kinds of birds come together on a tree to spend the night, and then they fly away in all directions in the morning. One must not regret his or someone’s separation from family.

The power of the brain is supreme, and physical strength comes afterward. You must be aware of the story of a lion who was killed by a bunny. 

The whole world is like a family, and Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi are like parents to all of us.

 Chanakya NitiChapter 9       Chapter 11.