Chanakya Neeti: Chapter Seventeen

The ideas & quotes from the last chapter of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look:

If a child is conceived by a woman from a man who is not her husband. Such a child is termed as a bastard and not given respect & importance in society. The same is the case with bookish knowledge gained without the proper guidance of a qualified teacher.

There is hardly any sin in applying the strategy of tit-for-tat.  One must show gratefulness to the grateful,  violence to the violent, and evilness to counter evil. ( The lines are quite right, but must be implemented with an extra precaution)

If your objective appears to be too far, too high, or too difficult to achieve. Still, you must not lose hope and march forward with devotion while maintaining the focus. God might appear too far but is only at a distance of one-true-prayer.

A greedy man does not require any other vice as greed alone is self-sufficient to do all kinds of damages. A backbiter is probably the greatest sinner. Does a truthful man of good character need to say any prayers? Is there any requirement for a man with a pious heart to go for a pilgrimage? Is there any ornament required to decorate a man with fame? Does a knowledgeable person require wealth to feel rich?

A conch shell comes from ocean and mendicants use it as an instrument for begging. Also, it is known to us that Goddess Laxmi did emerge from the Ocean. From a point of view, the conch shell happens to be the brother of the Goddess. Not the origin of a person, but his actions determine his fame or notoriety.

Many times it is the helplessness that forces people to act well. A weak person acquires friendly nature due to his inability to oppose the stronger. A poor fellow may position himself on peak-of-morality because he cannot afford to have luxuries and women. A sick turns into a highly religious person, and an old lady becomes very virtuous because she cannot act naughty anymore.

The charity of food and water is supreme to all sorts of charities. No date is comparable to the 12th (Dwadashi) of the month in terms of piousness.  No mantra is greater than the Gayatri mantra, and no deity cannot be considered higher than the Mother.

A snake stores venom in his fang, a bee in its sting, a scorpion in its tail, but everything of an evil person is poisonous.

The charity adds to the beauty of hands and not the bangles. You need a bath to clean yourself, not just applying the paste of sandalwood on the forehead. The real satisfaction comes from getting honor, not from food. It is the knowledge that matters, not the rituals.

A man with intentions to help others receives a blessing at each step, and his troubles get blown away.

Humans are very similar to animals when it comes to eating, sleeping, display of fear, and mating. The only thing that differentiates is religion. A man without faith is nothing better than a beast.

(I must tell that definition of religion according to Chanakya is not about just following the rituals. Perhaps he is the first human  in history to quote humanity as the greatest religion)

 A old woman with bent back was going on her way. A young man sarcastically asked “Have you lost something, Why are you looking on the ground ..?”. She replied that the “Pearl of her youth is lost and she is trying to search for it.”

The moral is that one must make some worthy use of his life. Its short and the youth is even shorter.

O Pandunus tree! You have snakes all over you, you don’t bear any fruit, and infested with thorns.  There is no fragrance in you. You grow in mud, and quite rare to find. How come your peculiar smell attracts everyone. ( A man with quality is likely to get acceptance despite being in bad condition)

* Here comes the end to all Chapters from Chanakya Neeti. Hopefully, you enjoyed it, and more importantly, you learned something out of it.

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