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  • Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 8

    Below are the ideas from chapter 8 of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look: Those who desire only wealth belong to the lowest class of men. Who wish for wealth and respect are above them. The men who want honor and respect are superior to all of them. Like a lamp consumes darkness and produces soot. […]

  • Chanakya Niti: Chapter 7

    The Chanakya quotes from chapter 7 of Chanakya Niti. * discretion is advised If you are facing loss in business or your heart is broken, then don’t share such information with others. Also, one must not discuss scandals of family and incidents of insult. (People might try to exploit your weaknesses. Beware!.) You should be shameless when […]

  • Chapter 6 – Chanakya Neeti

    The present section includes the points stated by Acharya Chanakya in the 6th chapter of Chanakya Neeti. We all know that Chanakya is well known for his straight forward views, which sometimes appear harsh. Therefore, readers are suggested to use discretion while enjoying the ideas included below.  It must be taken into consideration that the […]

  • chanakya neeti : chapter 5

    Have a look over the points stated below. If not amazed then at-least you’ll be inspired by the Chanakya Neeti quotes said below: Infatuation is the most prominent disease, and greed is the worst enemy of an individual. Anger is the most damaging fire, and among all possessions, the knowledge is supreme. The test for […]

  • Chapter 4 of chanakya neeti

    Quotes from Chapter four of Chanakya Niti: Sons, friends, kith & kin are capable of distracting you. A wise man understands that only his holy acts will ultimately bring blessings to him and his loved ones and therefore remains undistributed. As a mother takes care of every requirement of her infants, similarly, a saint must […]

  • Chapter 3 : Chanakya Neeti

    This post contains Chanakya Quotes from chapter three. Have a look… Which family in this world has no blemish? Is there any person who has never fallen ill? Has been somebody hadn’t troubled by his bad habits? Can you point a person who has lived happily throughout his life? Problems arrive in life. On should […]

  • Chanakya Neeti : Chapter 2

    Below are the Inspirational ideas of Chanakya from the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti. ** Discretion advised *** By working hard, you get good food to eat, the capability to digest it, a beautiful wife and happiness with her, and the wealth to be used for good causes. A person experiences heavenly joy whose son is obedient,  whose wife is […]

  • Chapter 1: Chanakya Neeti

    The Chanakya Niti book has a total of seventeen chapters in it. Below are Chanakya’s quotes from the first chapter. Have a look… *** After bowing down at the feet of Lord Vishnu, I am describing the different policies taken from various religious scriptures. By knowing these, a man can easily attain Nirvana in this […]