The Chanakya Niti book has seventeen chapters in it. Below are the Chanakya quotes from the first one. Have a look…


After bowing down at the feet of Lord Vishnu, I am describing the different policies taken from various religious scriptures. Just by knowing those a man can easily attain Nirvana in this world.


It is unwise to advise fool, to care for a woman of loose character, and to be in the company of a sad (unenthusiastic) person.

A house having a venomous snake is not suitable for living. Such is a home having an ill-tempered wife with low morals, with a deceitful friend, and with an impolite talkative servant.

A man must save money for the bad days and must protect his woman even at the cost of capital saved. Yet the soul/conscience is to be saved even at the expense of both.

Wealth is one of the most significant factors in life. It brings you the honor; it supports you and makes you capable of dealing with calamities.

There is no reason to live in a country/region where you cannot find employment, respect, well-wishers, and education.

Where people are not afraid of the law, where people are shameless, where exists no clever man, people lack in the spirit of charity, and where no art exists. Do not inhibit such a country.

Do not live even for a single day at places where you cannot find these five things. They are prosperous businessmen, educated Brahmins, soldiers, a river, and a doctor.

Test the wife when your wealth is lost, a friend in calamity, relatives at the time of crises, and your servant after allocating him a critical task.

Whoever helps you at the time of illness, misfortune, famines, and invasion is your true brother in the real sense.

One who can’t determine his goals; cannot win.

Chanakya Neeti chapter -2