Chanakya and His Neeti

Chanakya is indeed a great historic figure of his era and we still remember him as a teacher, administrator, diplomat and in various other roles. Not only the Indians but the western thinkers also consider him as one of the most brilliant brains in world history.

He was the one who:

  • Introduced the concept of “one united India” for the very first time.
  • He was the one who presented the concept similar to that of democracy.
  • He was the reason behind the defeat of Alexander the Great.
  • He was the brain behind the mighty empire of Chandragupta Maurya.

… Presenting the whole list will be beyond the scope of this article.  The life he lived and the path he followed are an inspiration for sure.  He was the one who never deviated from doing what’s necessary.  Many of us call him cunning, shrewd and regard him as a bad-man.  The last line is simply a misconception regarding Chanakya.

The famous Chanakya Neeti precisely deals with the art of living and living well. After reading Chanakya Niti, I found it to be very practical in its approach.

The “Eye opener” and  “soul shaker” are the two perfect phrases to summarize the Chanakya Neeti.  The included lines are very direct in nature and few of them might appear very rude to the reader.  Just like the bitter-medicine.

Chanakya niti is a book written by Acharya Chanakya in which he placed his ideas, suggestions, and beliefs.  The original work is in Sanskrit language and is distributed in 17 chapters containing multiple Chanakya quotes.

As per my personal opinion, I am a big fan of Chanakya and his Neeti. His strategies and opinions regarding various circumstances helped me to understand the life and its complexities. In addition, it will let you know the path to victory.

* Not every single verse of Chanakaya  Neeti is perfect, but most of them are. Like we must appreciate a kid for scoring 98% and not heckle him for not scoring that 2%. The same rule must be applied while reading Chanakya Niti.

So here concludes the intro to Chanakya and His Neeti. Thanks for you visit … and Stay tuned !

Chankaya Neeti : Chapter one





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  1. shekharslastpoint Avatar

    Have read it in Hindi / English .you are right .

  2. deepali gupta Avatar
    deepali gupta

    looking forward to Chanakya’s knowledge!

  3. saurabh Avatar

    Thank you all for your love and likes !

  4. malini Avatar

    i want to read the book where i can find-i mean the website

  5. Mini Singh Avatar
    Mini Singh

    i like d line “except 5-6 …….. for women” lol..
    looking forward to it..

  6. Shashikant Nishant Sharma Avatar
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    The summarisation of the Chanakya’s life and work is wonderful.
    Thanks Saurabh.

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    this stuff is extraordinary thanks for sharing keep it up.

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    Excellent post man, maintain the good function, just shared this with the friendz 111130

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    i guess i partially agree.

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    Good Work, But where are other chapters?

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