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  • Regarding Effectiveness of Chanakya Quotes

    “The knowledge in holy scriptures is like a huge sea. For a man with busy life, it will not be possible to read and understand everything. He must act like a swan i.e. attain what is useful and leave the rest”

  • Command and Control to Achieve Success in Life

    In the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti Acharya has said that “The destruction is inevitable for a tree standing on the bank of a river, a woman in the house of a stranger, and for a  king with stupid/bad counselors.” In this article, we will be discussing this Chanakya Quote in detail. Have a look. Don’t be a tree: […]

  • Abide by the Rules

    Today we have a very interesting Chanakya Quote to be discussed. It is “राज्ञ: प्रतिकूलं नाचरेत् |”. It conveys the message that one must not go against the order given by the King. * Discretion is Advised. Now a days we don’t have kings at most of the places, but everywhere there exists some sort […]

  • A Wise Man will Ask these Questions

    Chanakya says “How is this situation, who are my real friends, how is my home’s condition, what’s my earnings and expenditure, what are my talents and weaknesses. These are the questions that a wise man asks himself all the time“. Those lines from chapter 4 of Chanakya Neeti tells us to think about the outcome before […]

  • Is money Evil?

    There are many people who relate money with evilness. They say that abundance of money makes you evil and it certainly can’t buy happiness. In this article I will be discussing about the importance of money, Can it buy happiness, its effects on your mind, and why it should not be considered evil. Before digging […]

  • An Approach Towards Investment

    Chanakya said that “Money comparable to bride of an orthodox family is not of much use. It must be like a prostitute available to anyone in need”. This translated verse from Chanakya Neeti tells us about the right attitude and correct approach towards the investment. We can draw two broad inferences from it. One must […]

  • Being Straightforward in life? Good or Bad

    Straightforwardness is a quality appreciated by many, followed by a few, and understood by even fewer. Well! That was my observation and yours might be different from mine. Still, we will agree that the confusion regarding acceptance and rejection of this human trait is quite huge. We hope to be straightforward in life. No lie, no […]

  • Chanakya and His Neeti

    Chanakya is indeed a great historic figure of his era and we still remember him as a teacher, administrator, diplomat and in various other roles. Not only the Indians but the western thinkers also consider him as one of the most brilliant brains in world history. He was the one who: Introduced the concept of […]

  • Significance of Chanakya in Indian History

    History tells us that Chanakya lacked in physical beauty. Anyhow, he was a genius from within. He is know for his creative thinking, statesmanship, administration, and diplomacy.  Chanakya’s  place in the history of India is very significant. In the section below, we will discuss the significance of Chanakya in Indian History. I will not discuss […]

  • Chanakya Neeti : Chapter 2

    Below are the Inspirational ideas of Chanakya from the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti. ** Discretion advised *** By working hard, you get good food to eat, the capability to digest it, a beautiful wife and happiness with her, and the wealth to be used for good causes. A person experiences heavenly joy whose son is obedient,  whose wife is […]