Self Improvement: The short-trick for Success

Self-improvement is the biggest favor that anyone can do to himself. Surely, it is the most harmonious (but not so easy) way to become successful in life. The core idea is to improve your abilities with every passing second till you become capable and worthy for the objective you aimed for. Be it the education, business, spirituality, or any other sphere of life it will perform miracles and continue performing them.

Most of the times Self-Improvement aims at covering the path in small leaps than attempting the risky and difficult long range jumps.

Why Self Improvement Works?

In the acts of self improvement you deal with yourself. None knows your qualities better than you and therefore no one else can guide you in a better manner. Before performing the troubleshooting you will require identification of the problem. In the same manner you will need to identify the areas that require improvement or with some scope for improvement.

Be it a materialistic or spiritual repair, it must be done by an expert. Thus we can conclude that in order to improve yourself, you only you are the best guy to hire for the job.

The cautions required when performing self improvement:

Have a look …

  • The success of the process lies in true identification of the problem and accurate analysis of  your current state. Be honest to yourself and be realistic.
  • Be positive. I mean it’s good to consider someone as your inspiration, but never envy anyone. This way you will remain focused and keep on improving. There is  no need to waste your valuable energy and resources on something useless that does not adds to productivity.
  • The concept of shortening the lines of others to make yours bigger is definitely not the right approach.
  • It might take some time and might even require multiple attempts. No need to loose patience and keep moving forward. In most of the cases it is continuity that matter and not the speed.

In my opinion the term ‘Willingness to improve‘ is the very important phrase in whole activity. Those personality development programs, training sessions, and motivational books will not be of much help until you add willingness to the process.

Consider it this way that “improvement is nothing, but a step towards success“. More you improve, more will be your chances to acquire success in life .

The Important Steps:

The idea of self improvement does not demands you to live life as a lonely being. You must always be ready to take advantage of any help available to you. The important steps involved in the act of Self-improvement are:

  • Willingness to Improve with actions. Simple dry dose of motivation will not help i.e. you will require real efforts to solve real-life-problems.
  • Evaluation and comparison between your current state, the previous state, and the state you desire. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole act.
  • Thinking dynamically, maintaining a positive attitude, and keeping your mind open to identify the opportunities around your.
  • Goto step 1.

Where Things mess up?

Well! brothers and sisters, I don’t have a black book, but at least I can share few things from from past experiences.

  • Don’t think too much about the benefits that you will achieve after accomplishing the goal. In most of the situations it will only add to reduction in speed of improvement. Your emphasis must be on the improvement part performing the practice or other acts-of-improvement.
  • Be realistic with yourself. I know that I have no right to question your capabilities. If you really believe then well and good. Be real and there is definitely no need to underestimate your potential.
  • Try not comparing yourself with other people. This way you create a sort of boundary for yourself despite of the fact that you can do even better. How about making yourself the best and then competing with none, but “The You”.
  • Be happy, but never feel satisfied. Anyhow, you must know when to stop and when to begin as the whole responsibility will be yours.
  • A very important consideration is to avoid over indulgence. Do not neglect other important tasks.

* To be true the acts of self improvement are never ending.  You end with one and begin the other. Another option is to engage in multiple tasks simultaneously.

So, dear brothers and sisters this was my part of the story. You can also help me by sharing some related idea of yours by using the comment box placed below. Thanks.





5 responses to “Self Improvement: The short-trick for Success”

  1. Arun M Avatar
    Arun M

    Most of us are very reluctant or even doesn’t want to to see the ugliness or negativity within ourselves. I believe, the first step is the ability to accept our darker sides itself. It’s not about saying outside that, Yes I did a mistake, or I did a foolish thing. It’s about the strength and courage from within that we confess to ourselves that I did a mistake or I did a foolish thing. If we are not able to do that, at least we should be able to accept the fact that I am not able to admit my mistakes. When we keep on doing this, we become more and more truthful to ourselves, and at some point, we become able to admit our mistakes. And at some other point we get strength and courage to admit it outside. This way we become more and more authentic. And as we become more authentic, we will be taken care by this abundant universe itself to fulfill whatever we want. 🙂

  2. Krunal Pandya Avatar
    Krunal Pandya

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to be a positive person,but surround me the atmosphere is so much negative so in this case how to be a create positive energy in our self..

  3. nisha jain Avatar
    nisha jain

    how to get positive when all the things around u are negative?

  4. Siddharth chopra Avatar
    Siddharth chopra

    Nice lines ……… will definalty gona work on it then after some days let uh know how much benefit i’ll get …………… 🙂

  5. mayank sharma Avatar
    mayank sharma

    thank u very much it will help me sure……and keep updating this thing many other like get motivated by this mantra…:-)

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