Honesty is the Best Policy

We all have heard the proverb that “Honesty is the best policy“. Not all, but many abide by this simple rule and are very successful in life. Friends! it might appear something general at first, but your thoughts will change till you reach the end of this article.

In my life I haven’t seen a single person who desires to accompany, trust, love, respect, serve, get served or deal with a dishonest person. Therefore an honest person acquires more love, respect, credibility, and money in his life.

Anyhow, on looking at the practical aspect of  life it becomes evident that anyone who appears honest is given preference in comparison to one who seems to be a dishonest person.

My brothers and sisters! people don’t trust a honest man and don’t mistrust the dishonest. They act only in the manner they perceive things, events, and circumstances. Con men utilize this basic weakness of human nature and perform big scams, theft, and numerous other kinds of inappropriate acts.

Conclusion so far: Honesty resides within and so is the dishonesty. Still, if you appear honest to others then you are likely to be trusted and vice-versa. Only fools get fooled by people who are not that much fool.

Let us now concentrate on much important issue. Have a look …

For sure honesty is the best policy. Sometimes it might not prove beneficial when shown to others, but it can do miracles if you apply it to yourself. The suitable heading would be “Being honest with yourself is the best policy“.

It’s time to bring forward another daily life observation. It says “People are usually good at observing their surroundings, but fail in identifying themselves“.

The root cause of the misery is that people try to be what they are not. The evident sheep-walk among students is a perfect example. Instead of acting as per their capabilities they go for tasks that don’t match up with their expertise.

It doesn’t matters that who is doing what? All you need is to know Yourself and once you achieve success in knowing the Very-You the things will take a positive turn. A normal guy might be fully aware about the things in his surroundings, but might have least and sometimes incorrect information about himself.

For example: If a person is not an expert in his field. Then he must honestly identify and evaluate his current status. Then frame a plan to advance further with an attempt to make maximum utilization of available resources.

Also, one must dwell in present and look into future. Singing old glory is of no use. This self evaluation thing helps you in framing a perfect plan and thus increases your chances for achieving success in life.

The key point is simple i.e. To become well aware about your qualities and weaknesses. In a perfect situation there will be no scope for any uncertainties. Your knowledge about yourself must be perfect. There ain’t any other option.

 The summary:

  • It is very important that you appear honest to others.
  • It is easy to be honest to others than to yourself.
  • Be honest to yourself. Accept your mistakes and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to frame a perfect plan. Keep ego aside.





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