5 Ways to Ruin your Hard Work

There are even more ways to ruin your hard work, but we will restrict this discussion to these five major causes. In recent days I received a bunch of direct and indirect questions which can be summarized as “If hard work is the key to success, then why a laborer is not?“. For sure hard work is necessary, but it needs to be effective. Let us have a look on following points.

Lack of an Objective in Life:

Lack of a well defined objective is the primary cause. To break the barriers in life and to become successful a man must be well aware about his priorities. Whatever you accomplish must reduce the distance between you and your goals. Majority of men don’t have a list of well defined objectives and this makes them a looser at very beginning. An ox tied to a crusher (कोल्हू) walks continuously, but reaches no where.

No Control on Speech:

People like the people who speak in a soft tone. Also, they dislike the men with rudeness in their voice. If you can’t be polite then don’t expect any help from the person in-front. Take example of our politicians who do all kinds of stuff, but when it comes about addressing people, they set an example of politeness.

In addition, it is very important to maintain secrecy. People envy a progressing men and therefore your plans must always remain a secret. It’s appropriate to consult a trustworthy expert, but if you thinking about singing the story to every second person then ….


If you are looking for perfection then haste is not an option. The tasks accomplished in haste tend to have errors/problems in output. The re-work required is nothing, but wastage of hard work that might have otherwise helped in something productive.

Trusting the Unworthy:

If your partner, co-worker, or subordinate is not worthy for the task then this will cause problem for sure. The parasite will have his share in the credits, but not in contribution to the task. The set of unworthy includes disloyal, non-skilled, drug-addict, and careless men.

When you work with such people your efficiency degrades. It’s wise to be alone than being in their company.

Lack of Interest to Learn:

Yes! not only the lack of interest in learning new things, but also the lack of interest in learning from the mistakes. A guy who does not learns  from his mistake is likely to repeat same mistakes again and again. Also, it’s better to learn from mistakes of others, because life is not that long.

Thus, we can conclude that hard work is necessary. Even more important is have a vision for future and to act wisely. Hopefully! this post proved beneficial. You can share your views in comment box placed below.





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  1. vijaya lakshmi Avatar
    vijaya lakshmi

    how to identify loyal people. I had 2 helpers, 2mo after their leaving to continue their education, theft has taken place. police are suspecting them strongly. b/c who know me very nearly can guide the theft. I did not expect this..??????

    1. Amar Avatar

      Vijaya lakshmi,

      what are you saying ? how is it related to this essay ?

  2. Komal Sharma Avatar
    Komal Sharma

    Very useful

  3. Kavya Avatar


  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Very good topic. Amazing one.

  5. remm Avatar

    I had never read chankya quotes in my life.i am 27 yr.bt due to lack of moral lesson i failed in the journey of daily life.but after reading all the tit and bits of this website, i am thinking the success will come to me very soon. Always i had done hard work in anything.but there was no one for me to guide this quotes.so i was failed in everything at last moment of any success period.at last i got the point of my failure.thanks to chanakya and you to bring this great lesson in the limelight.

  6. rashmi desai Avatar
    rashmi desai

    nice do’nt loose ur identity, or behavier at any cost, at any situation, it will hold ur destiny strong at end.

  7. Balbir Singh Avatar
    Balbir Singh


  8. balaram dash Avatar
    balaram dash

    I’v a bad habbit but …one time I determine not to do that again but on the other time it recurs again and again ……..is any suggestions for preparation of competitive EXAM…….

  9. riddhi joshi Avatar
    riddhi joshi

    new member

  10. Sarju Avatar

    It is a bright aware to the young

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