Why not to Humiliate Anyone?

I have observed that many people have a tendency to make fun of people whom they envy, consider inferior, or consider a competition. I have no problem in admitting that I was not an exception to this self-sabotaging act. In this article we will be having a look on rational reasons for not doing so.

Also, I would like to tell it beforehand that this discussion is all about the criticism that hurts. This discussion is not about right ways to make fun or how to make it the correct way.

We Dislike few Things and few People:

Most probably you don’t hate the whole human race, but there will be a few people with their names in your dislike-Book. If not, then you are really a great soul or a big liar.

Yes! It is absolutely normal to have a few dislikes. We all are human beings and no matter how hard we train to civilize ourselves, few old characteristics are still dominant in us.

*   The point is that it is not abnormal to dislike someone. Another interesting fact is that we dislike a few things for some reason and for others we have none.

Why Not to Humiliate someone?

Let me tell you about two big events that started with humiliation and ended up in war.

Chanakya untied his sikha (Lock of hair) after he was humiliated by DhanaNand. This was the time when he took the oath to ever re-tie it only after dethroning the too proud Nanda King. What proceeded next is history…

In the same manner the humiliation of Draupadi by Kauravas led to the battle of Kurukshetra. Before that It was Draupadi who made fun of Duryodhan (eldest of Kauravas) by calling him the son of blind when he fell into a camouflaged pool of water inside her palace.

World history is full of such examples. Better we learn from mistakes of others instead of learning it the hard way. A real winner is the one who can handle the victory.

Don’t make fun of anyone because that person might turn into your biggest competition. People don’t care much about money, but they do care for self-esteem.

The other Reasons:

It’s always profitable to have more friends:

Humiliation/mockery either sows the seed of hatred or irrigates the plant of envy in heart of the person being victimized. Thus by making fun of someone, you only lower your chances of acquiring help from that person when needed.

It’s better to minimize the number of your opponents.

It’s really a bad bargain to buy an enemy/opponent/competitor at cost of a few giggles. You are smart and therefore I don’t require explaining this point.

Envy burns you as well:

Jealousy is like a matchstick that burns before it can burn anything.


  • Don’t estimate the threat by analyzing its current state. It may turn very intense in future.
  • You need to be even more careful when dealing with a man. Most of them are capable of miraculous transformations.
  • Better respect the fellow human, for your own safety, benefit, and well being.





6 responses to “Why not to Humiliate Anyone?”

  1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

    The tables can turn anytime. So be careful.

  2. sanjeev kumar Avatar
    sanjeev kumar

    Trying to get on wheels beaware the speed of wheels

  3. R.k.Mankotia Advocate Avatar
    R.k.Mankotia Advocate

    I never felt any necessity to b suggested by others in life right from the movement I took the turn to follow the preachments but tell you heartly,to follow his preachings is the toughest task………..so weak hearted must not……………………………………….

  4. R.k.Mankotia Advocate Avatar
    R.k.Mankotia Advocate

    Fun is never restrictioned by him……but is subject to your intention’s purity………………………

  5. enamul karim Avatar
    enamul karim

    What about self humiliation?

  6. Swagnik Bhattacharjee Avatar
    Swagnik Bhattacharjee

    Who knows, you might need help from them in future, and they might refuse, or worse, put you in more trouble!!

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