Mission Accomplished: The Aftermath

It is your birthright to attain success in life. Few get it easily while others require traveling a harsh path. The level of simplicity or harshness will vary for every individual as per time, situation, and circumstances.

The million Dollar question is, “What to do after becoming successful?“. For a wise man it will not be that difficult to attain desired position, but maintaining it. It’s said that success is not some destination, but a journey.

Become More Humble:

Why? We all are well aware about the rise & fall of mighty Ravana. He had all qualities that can be expected in a man, except he was too proud about his capabilities. Nothing but this false pride was the root cause that led to his end and fall of one mighty empire.

Chanakya Neeti says that:

“problems in life are nothing, but the fruits from tree of ones own misdeeds”

With success comes great responsibility and one must utilize his energy and resources for productive tasks. It’s time for you to enjoy your success than to engage yourself in act of revenge or jealousy. 

Take Measures to Safeguard Your Interests:

There are few things that are to be done. This idea might appear conflicting with the idea stated right above, but is not. The concept here is about not oppressing the weak, but the wicked.

“The only two ways for dealing with thorns is to stay away from them or to crush them under your boot”

The care to be taken is that while doing so you don’t deviate from ethics and norms of humanity. 

Identity the Side Changers:

There always existed and still exists a class of men who are not loyal to anyone, except themselves. Never allow such men to engage or interfere in your critical tasks. They will not hesitate to sell you for a better bargain.

I understand that in most of the situations you might require their help and support. Just use them as some tool with no affinity for them in your heart.

Control Your Greed:

Greed is the root cause for all problem. As a successful man you must learn to control your greed. My brother there is a very fine line between being greedy and being ambitious. In other words “Greed is the ugly negative form of ambition“. 

It’s good that you are ambitious, but being a greedy wolf is …

Provide Help to People Who Helped:

One of the best things will be attain the attitude of gratitude. You must help the people who helped. This will strengthen your relationship which in term is a great asset. This way you also get a sort of guarantee that those people will help again in future.

In case, you don’t require their help in future, then too you must help them as that will ultimately add to your glory & fame.

The act of gratitude is what differentiates a beast from human.

Keep Yourself Motivated:

It is very important to keep yourself motivated and to be on correct path. You must plan in a manner that you never run out of virtuous objectives. A lot of men complain about sudden loss in energy and focus once they fulfill their long awaited goal.

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    Nice article. It will definitely help us..

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    Nice one ! Waiting for more as ” I am getting a feeling that this post is not complete yet”

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