Regarding Effectiveness of Chanakya Quotes

Whatever Chanakya did centuries ago was incredible, but what about the relevance of his work (Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya Sutra, and Arthashastra) in modern times? This is the question a person must ask before he or she declares himself or herself as a fan or follower of Acharya Chanakya. I believe that skepticism works as the foundation stone for building trust. The blind faith will lead you somewhere, but not to your destination.

Why trust a cunning brahman whom history defines as a man who did anything and everything to attain/accomplish whatever he desired? ‘Opportunistic’ and ‘Heartless’ are the two common words used by historians while defining this man. For sure, that sounds disturbing.

This article is an attempt to determine the effectiveness/obsoleteness of the principles and ideas that were stated by Kautilya. Let us have a look:

What exactly is Chanakya Neeti?

To get an answer to this question, all you need is to read the very first quote of the first chapter of Chanakya Neeti. It clearly states that Chanakya Neeti (most of it) is a compilation of different verses from different Sanatan (Hindu) religious texts (Shastras). The wheel was not reinvented but was perfected by the Acharya. Considering this, we can say that Chanakya Neeti, in itself, is a refined religious book.

The Problems and the Solutions:

Chanakya Neeti is like a field manual. It presents you with answers to the following questions:

  • What to do?
  • What not to do?
  • When to do what and when not to do?
  • What life appears and how it is?
  • With whom to fight and whom to befriend?

All Chanakya Quotes are interesting for sure. At least I am the one who thinks so. For me, they didn’t work as a lamp in the darkness, but as pure bright daylight. After reading the book, I was amazed, amused, and thrilled. The incredible thing about Chanakya Niti is that it teaches you the ways to remain practical as well as virtuous at the same time.

A few quotes might appear conflicting at few instances, but that’s not the fault of Kautilya. In most of such cases, the person raising the issue is no one but a ‘literal sheep.’

Maybe I am wrong, but what’s the point in rejecting 99% pure gold. I don’t know about you, but I will not reject any even if the purity is just 10%. Probably this is the kind of attitude that’s needed. Chanakya Niti isn’t available with a warranty card, and you are requested to proceed at your own risk.

Still, there is no need to trust my words. I am just a casual blogger. Give it a try for your own sake. I can only wish for you to have a beautiful day, but you and only you can make that happen.

I leave you with this other motivational quote by Kautilya from the 15th chapter of Chanakya Niti.

“The knowledge in holy scriptures is like a huge sea. For a man with busy life, it will not be possible to read and understand everything. He must act like a swan i.e. attain what is useful and leave the rest”

It will be interesting to know your point of view. Utilize the box placed below.





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