Appreciation: The Root Cause of Many Things

This idea suddenly popped into my brain and I was thrilled on analyzing its impact on my life and life of individuals around me. Appreciation is the RDX of the Psychological world and is extremely powerful. It can do miracles; it performs miracles, and continues performing them provided the supply of motivation remains uninterrupted.

The Simple Secret?

It is the appreciation that directs a person to do even more.  Have a look at a few examples:

  • A husband is likely to continue with acts for which he receives appreciation from his wife.
  • A child will treat the appreciation by parents as a flag for continuing with good deeds. On the other hand, if he is admired for those naughty acts then he might continue his journey on a very different path.
  • If an employee receives true appreciation then he will try to prove more beneficial for the business.
  • … And many more.

The simple reason behind such tendency lies at the root of human civilization. At the end we are nothing but social animals. Most of us need some sort of support from people around us.

Any man who is not dead-from-inside will put more efforts to make his family happy in comparison to the efforts he will implement for personal gains.

Everyone Likes Recognition and Acceptance.

When you are admired by others, then in a corner of your heart you feel the feeling of being significant. This is a very pleasant and strong feeling. It acts like fuel for your propulsion unit and your efforts towards the accomplishment of desired objective increases as well.

The problem begins when receiving admiration becomes the priority of a person. Such person is somewhat exposed to outer influences and is likely to be cheated or fooled by cunning people who know the trick to exploit such weaknesses.

Let us look at the Dos and Don’ts. On being appreciated, you must ask following questions to remain on right track.

  • Who is appreciating you? Does that person really care?
  • Why does he appreciate you? Is there some hidden or visible agenda? Most people will say they don’t demand anything, are not jealous, always ready to support you, but the real count of such persons in your life will be significantly low.
  • What you did was right or wrong? If wrong then why …

You have a great potential and the appreciation will definitely act as a catalyst. Still, it is your personal responsibility to avoid traps and to become fully aware about the ground reality.

What really matters is that you do good deeds, great tasks, and huge accomplishments. If appreciation comes easily then well & good, else there is no need to feel low.

Utilizing Admiration as a Construction Tool:

None appreciates resistance of any manner. Most of the men don’t like listening to their weaknesses no matter how valid or true they are. On encountering resistance they frame stories & excuses, fight or flight,  or do something else which cannot be termed right. In a nutshell the attitude towards mistakes is not so positive.

One of the alternate approaches will be to start the repair from Right section instead of the Wrong section. People love being admired, appreciated, and accepted. You can appreciate them for any good deed (be it significant or insignificant). Most probably they will start showing improvement.

* When you appreciate or admire then make sure that you sound genuine and not fake. The person may react completely opposite if it appears fake or artificial.

* Other sorts of corrective measures might also be needed as per individual case and requirement.





2 responses to “Appreciation: The Root Cause of Many Things”

  1. keshab khattri Avatar
    keshab khattri

    Great people make great things possible, as this niti teach n will teaches me a lot things..

  2. keshab khattri Avatar
    keshab khattri

    Great people make great things possible, as this niti teach n will teaches me a lot things.

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