Chanakya Neeti: Chapter 11

This article contains the ideas illustrated in the 11th chapter of Chanakya Neeti. Have a look:

The natural tendencies for charity, basic logic, politeness, and the ability to bear pain cannot be taught to anyone. It depends on the person whether he is willing to acquire them or not.

A person who leaves his community to join another community is likely to face quick destruction. The same will happen to a king who doesn’t care for his subjects.

A small goad controls a giant elephant; a small lamp destroys a great deal of darkness; a small hammer can break colossal mountain. Their size is insignificant to the purpose they solve.

A student who continuously thinks about the comforts of home (homesick) will not be able to gain knowledge. One with greed cannot be truthful. One who debauches cannot acquire piety.

The taste of Neem will remain bitter even on irrigating it with milk and butter. The same is the case with a wicked soul, and no advice can change his mind.

If the mind of a person is filled with evil thoughts, then any number of pilgrimages won’t cut his/her sins.

It is no surprise that a person with incomplete knowledge will try to debate and argue the men with real knowledge. This can be understood from the example of a tribal woman who rejects precious gems and selects cheap beads for decoration.

The person who does not speak for a whole year and who only opens his mouth to eat will enjoy the heavenly pleasure of about 10 million years. (The simple explanation is that “silence is gold.”. Men who speak too much reveal their secrets to others and face problem.)

A real student refrains himself from lust, flattery, anger, infatuations, preening, entertainment, and oversleeping.

A person who consumes a single meal in a day has control over his mind, performs his religious duties, and who indulges with his wife for offspring (not mere pleasure) is a real ‘Brahmin.’ A Brahmin who indulges himself in trade, raises cattle, does agriculture, is a mercenary Brahmin. One who deals in lac, indigo, flower, meat, wine, and honey belongs to the lowest class of men. [Discretion Advised]

One who spoils the work of others, is egoistic, treacherous, selfish, and jealous, but tries to present himself as honest and polite cannot be a ‘Brahmin’ but a cat.

A wise man will never desecrate any kind of water. Be it in a well, pond, river, garden, or temple.

One who steals from his guru or temples; engages with wives of others is nothing but a Charlatan.

Even the bees have to repent for storing too much honey, which they collect after putting so much courage and hard work. In the same manner, the people who don’t do charity face heavy losses. The kings gain glory after helping the needy, and their names survive till eternity.

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  1. Shiva Avatar

    Chanakya Neeti is simply Awesome !
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    Neha Desai

    The quotes stated above are simple.
    the strange part is that we focus on huge complexities.
    Anyway … I know from where to begin. Thanks

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    Atanu Chatterjee

    Really the great ones……..:)

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