When to Pretend and Why?

I would begin with two inspirational quotes by Chanakya:

“A snake must appear venomous even if it is not.”


“The straight trees are chopped first in the jungle.”

Yes! this post is about the importance of disguise. It is like a firearm; when in hands of a  soldier it’s safe, until in hands of some terrorists. All I have to say is that use it with care and for good.

Scope for Implementation:

Disguise protects you and also helps in safeguarding your interests, but there are limits to its application. Like a particular medicine cures only a particular set of diseases, it cannot be applied in all situations and circumstances.

Still! the scope for implementation is huge. You can use it to trick your competitor in overestimating/underestimating your real potential, overwhelm your boss regarding your sincerity, and devotion towards the job.


Other than you, your victim, and favorable set of circumstances you’ll need the component of Trust. In other words we can say that none of the tricks will work in lack of trust. The disguise attempts at exploiting the trust each and every time. The summary is that if you lack credibility then it won’t work.

If a guy has a bad reputation then he is most unlikely to trick anyone. The worst thing is that even his honest efforts will also be looked down with an eye of suspicion.

Unfortunately! not an ultimate solution:

In real world the men are evaluated on the basis of their possessions and their accomplishments. What I mean to say is that for gaining real success you will need real skills and real talent. You can fake it a couple of times, but not always.  The famous quote by Abraham Lincoln that “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” is very true.

The best Scenario:

Becoming more talented, knowledgeable, and strong must be the priority for a man. The perks that can be fetch via art of disguise must be considered secondary. You don’t need to speak when your actions do the talking for you. The added benefit comes in the form of trustworthiness that you can exploit at reasonable moments without being evil.

Even in a group of skeptics who don’t trust, you will have nothing to lose because you have the real talent.

The disguise I am talking about is related to:

  • Showing more respect to your boss (people who matter), no matter you really respect or not.
  • Tricking an envying colleague by not revealing your exact plan.
  • Appearing more sincere or rowdy (whatever solves the purpose)
  • … etc.

The last thing is that you and only you are responsible for your actions. The ultimate responsibility for your actions lies with you.  Act smart and play safe.


5 responses to “When to Pretend and Why?”

  1. Sunanda Avatar

    I think that games of thrones was written after reading chanakya neeti.

  2. Sagarika Avatar

    Chanakya niti was not entirely focussed on tricks. If you read arthashastra written by chanakya, you will find that he has given more emphasis on knowledge acquisition and its implementation in a more productive way.

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

      You are correct. There is cheap version of being tricky and I totally hate it. Still! if there exists an opportunity then a man must not ignore it.
      I have seen men who are too honest and very good at their job, but at same time they fail in acquiring favors from people who matter.

  3. Jitendra Bhamre Avatar
    Jitendra Bhamre

    Disguise is a set of skill that everyone use it as per their convenience and needs. Some make it as a habit just to gain what they want as an selfish act.

  4. Vishalchaoudhary Avatar

    Its good

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