possibility of maximum damage is from within

Yes it is very true that none can harm you in the manner as someone whom you trust.  This is a real world where people calculate, evaluate and manipulate things. Chanakya Netti strictly prohibits you from sharing secrets with other. You cannot continue with mere belief of love, trust and honesty. Remember, that someone is trustworthy until you deliver him/her a chance to break your trust.

Its really good to follow norms of wellness. Anyhow, when someone confuses that with acting-innocent then problem will arise.  It has been analyzed that people when happy themselves create the path for sadness by revealing their secrets, weakness and other critical information to other. (most of the times as an attempt to show their smartness and sometime without any reason)

When I say that possibility of maximum damage is from within then it also includes you as well. Your actions and in-actions both affect you in some or the other manner.

for example:

  • When you consume alcohol out of limit, you sabotage your capability to fightback and power to think properly. You must not blame the person who robbed you because you willingly continued with the booze.
  • When you happily share your business plans and find that betrayer implementing the information against you.
  • You cannot blame the stronger opponent for the knockout.

What we choose and what we reject both affects us. If that is not out of your action then most probably then that might have been derived out of “reaction”. If Ravana had treated Vibhishana in appropriate manner then …. (Just think about the posibilities!)

The idea here is to state that there might be enemies outside, but the worst ones are within country,  family and even within you.

The idea is to remain alert, there is nothing to panic. If you agree or disagree; do leave a feedback.







20 responses to “possibility of maximum damage is from within”

  1. Macwan Jackson21 Avatar
    Macwan Jackson21

    I like…

  2. Pooja Singh Avatar
    Pooja Singh

    Totally agree…. Fact of life!!!

  3. Prabhat Avatar

    I am really amazed…
    The stuff is so simple and has great potential. I must admit that was an eye opener for me …
    Thanks buddy!

  4. Nikita Avatar

    its v dificult sumtyms 2 convey sumthn in d simplst form…bt Chankya hs done it so well. His thots n beliefs r so simply sed dt ne1 cn folow dem in deir lyf. Hats Off 2 d legend.

  5. ankit Avatar

    very practical and true.

  6. Sachin Avatar

    Hi Friend,
    Very nicely written articles as one reads it, he/she get the idea behind the neeti.
    Request you to put all the chapters one by one, and inform us of the updates.
    Great Work, Thanks lot.

  7. Anil Singh Avatar
    Anil Singh

    Yes I totally agree with this, as I have suffered with this situation.

  8. saurabh bainsla Avatar
    saurabh bainsla

    yes its universal fact.

  9. satyam Avatar


  10. Karthik Avatar

    apt & truely said……………..

  11. Milan Adesara Avatar
    Milan Adesara

    it is so true…and having worth to implement in our life..!!!
    thnx 4 shrng..!!

  12. Chinmay Avatar

    Might be Newtons Forth LOw….

  13. gaurav Avatar

    No way to disagree sir

  14. Rahul Avatar

    totally agree with the Legend’s Thoughts, implementing the same can change our lives (for goodness) immensely.

  15. Priya Avatar

    Yes, this is very true..just that we tend to forget..

  16. ankur kumar Avatar
    ankur kumar

    totally agreed ….the real facts of life……….

  17. Omnichrome Avatar

    Keeping a secret is a great art. But in life there are instances where you just can’t keep them. What to do then ?
    This case happens quite a lot in real life to people who don’t have a sibling.
    Any opinions?

    1. saurabh Avatar

      Well! its up to you. Make sure that you don’t do it under expectation of some kind of sympathy.
      Be happy, be calm, and be strong …

  18. Gargi Dutta Avatar
    Gargi Dutta

    Time has been changed only on basis of technology,,,but basic human traits were/are/will be always the same…dat’s why these thoughts are guideline for everyone.

  19. kirti Avatar

    If you’re your own best friend, independent and don’t rely on external assurances (read very strong), then you can keep a secret happily. Sadly, we’re not that strong and often rely on friends and share our secrets, who in unfavorable times, end up breaking our trust and heart! Sad but true!

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