Politics: is it Good or Bad?

Politics was supposed to be a helping hand for welfare of people, but today it has turned into a pit for blame-game. Democracy appears as if is no more “For the people, by the people“. On looking at past events, the true ideology appears as “For the Party, by the Party, and to the Party“. National-Interests are very interesting, but majority of leaders simply don’t care.

The level of confusion is on its peak and an average nationalistic guy has no idea about the correct path to proceed. I know that the youth is motivated and desires a positive change, but is almost clueless.

Is Politics Bad?

The simplest answer to this question is that “Bad-politics is bad and healthy Politics is good”. It is another matter that good-politics has reached to verge of extinction.

So what is Politics? By nature politics is like a weapon. It is truly unbiased. It is not the arm but it’s handler who decides whom to spare and whom to roast. In other words if your leader is virtuous and capable then you can breath-easy otherwise there is a lot more trouble to come.

So, we can conclude that Politics is neither good nor bad.

All of sudden I feel like continuing with Indian politics and its major characteristics. I apologize for proceeding with a different topic, but can’t resist. In this section I have tried to present my observations. I am sure that you are well-aware. Still I am continuing…

Currently, we live in a democratic kind of environment. I said “Kind of” because ultimate democracy is still a dream in all parts of this planet. One place where you can locate it is in books.

Political Parties in India:

I consider democracy to be far better than monopolistic communist government. India is considered as the the largest democracy in this world. We have the largest number of voters as well as political parties (Registered and unregistered). Anyhow, when it comes about efficiency of political-system we stand no where closer to prosperous nations.

“Unity in diversity” is the key phrase to define India. The theorem derived by me is “On considering unity to be constant, the number of political parties is directly proportional to level of diversity in particular region.

Today, we have a political group to represent every identifiable group irrespective of their size. We have now reached the level that can be well explained using the term ‘mushrooming’.

The problem is that in democracy you require majority.  In such a complex-system you can expect complete-majority, but cannot achieve it.

The next alternative comes in the form of political-coalition. Now. this results in different kinds of pressures regarding allocation of resources. Eg: I want (railways, airways, port …. This special package, seat in cabinet ) else (withdrawal of support). Coalition finally turns into ‘Blackmail’. 

Chanakya in Chanakya Niti has said that “A person who leaves his community to join another community is likely to face quick destruction. Same will be the case with king who don’t cares for his subjects“.

On looking at political-implementation-reality the lines stated above prove wrong. Today support & withdrawal has become daily chore.

The people who change sides are healthy fellows who do not suffer from any kind of mental retardation such as schizophrenia. They do it deliberately, willingly, and knowingly under influence of greed. The number of people who change sides for ethical reasons is very low.

I feel bad, but cannot do anything as I was the idiot who voted for such an ass. The unpleasant naked reality is that the whole system now runs on corruption. The practices those were once taboos have now become priorities. Definitely, there is something seriously wrong at root level of society.

What is the solution?

Brother! I can prescribe you some generic solution, but we all  knows that won’t work.  Just saying that “Vote for right person” will not help at all.  Does the right person comes with any identification mark? Obviously no.

In our talks with non-family friends we (referring to talkative social middle class) quote great lines related to nationalism, socialism, and how-to, but the reality might be:

  • The hero has no voter identity card.
  • (On day of election) I will vote to my friend’s relative as that may deliver some leverage in future.

* I am not saying that you must not vote to people you know or are familiar with. At least, don’t vote for cash, liquor, or porn. By the way voting is secret and you can easily accept the offer and ditch those netas. Chanakya had said

There is hardly any sin in applying the strategy of tit-for-tat.  One must show gratefulness to grateful,  violence to violent, and evilness to counter evil.

( These lines are quite true, but must be implemented with an extra precaution). Please take care.

For Election 2014:

We all know that there are only two major national level political groups i.e. UPA and NDA. This time please select either of them. As the writer of this blog I am not the supporter of any, but on looking at current chaos it is very necessary that the reign of nation goes in hand of a party in complete-majority.

Well! the formula to maintain diversified balance is to strengthen regional parties in state level elections. I mean if a party cares for xyz caste/tribe then there is hardly any requirement to get a seat in center. All they need is to implement welfare schemes without corruption.

… I can keep on barking and the length of post will keep increasing, but before howling any further I would prefer to know your view.






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