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  • Chapter 4 of chanakya neeti

    Quotes from Chapter four of Chanakya Niti: Sons, friends, kith & kin are capable of distracting you. A wise man understands that only his holy acts will ultimately bring blessings to him and his loved ones and therefore remains undistributed. As a mother takes care of every requirement of her infants, similarly, a saint must […]

  • Chapter 3 : Chanakya Neeti

    This post contains Chanakya Quotes from chapter three. Have a look… Which family in this world has no blemish? Is there any person who has never fallen ill? Has been somebody hadn’t troubled by his bad habits? Can you point a person who has lived happily throughout his life? Problems arrive in life. On should […]

  • Chanakya Neeti : Chapter 2

    Below are the Inspirational ideas of Chanakya from the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti. ** Discretion advised *** By working hard, you get good food to eat, the capability to digest it, a beautiful wife and happiness with her, and the wealth to be used for good causes. A person experiences heavenly joy whose son is obedient,  whose wife is […]

  • Chapter 1: Chanakya Neeti

    The Chanakya Niti book has a total of seventeen chapters in it. Below are Chanakya’s quotes from the first chapter. Have a look… *** After bowing down at the feet of Lord Vishnu, I am describing the different policies taken from various religious scriptures. By knowing these, a man can easily attain Nirvana in this […]

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