In chapter 14 of Chanakya Neeti, it has been stated that “It will be good if you remain at a safe distance from the king, fire, and women. Also, don’t stay too far from them otherwise, you will get deprived of the rewards“. Let’s dig deeper.

The inspirational quote mentioned above can be of great help for people who either over-involve or are unable to put necessary efforts. Despite being a short one this particular quote is open to multiple interpretations. A few of them are mentioned below in no particular order.

[In broad terms King denotes Authority, Fire refers to the Risks in life, and Women represents luxuries.]

Dealing With Authority:

This is not 100% true, but it is common belief that big people have their secrets and they are determined to maintain them as secret. For them, anyone aware of those secrets is a threat. This means that by being too close you might unknowingly create trouble for yourself.

You must know that people who have authority (at higher positions) also have enemies. Those enemies might try to harm you for the only reason that you are supposedly close to their enemy.

In another scenario, a well familiar person is more likely to be provided with extra responsibilities and duties. This might result in mental & physical fatigue, lack of time, and other complications.


  • Better be concerned with your own business.
  • Keep business life and personal life separate.
  • GossipMongers beware! no one likes you.

But you can/should not isolate yourself from people with authority. They can help you in numerous ways. By being closer to people having significance, you become significant in eyes of others.

Risks Vs Rewards:

The involved risk and expected profit must always be considered before doing anything. Proceed only if it’s feasible. No one will provide you with a medal for being brave enough to perform something foolish. Moreover, such a medal will be totally worthless.

Better evaluate your ability to bear potential losses that might occur. Taking risk is an integral part of life. Still, you cannot over do. Be realistic! 

Enjoy Within Your Limits:

Every normal man desires a luxurious life. There is no problem with this approach until addiction begins. If your focus is solely on enjoyment then things will surely turn bad after some time. Hard work and enjoyment can co-exist, but one who abandons hard work will not be able to enjoy for long.


On considering all those scenarios the significance of balance in life becomes evident. The simple summary is that you cannot overdo, nor remain inactive. Things must be accomplished in a harmonious manner (as applicable or if possible).

Life can be so confusing at several instances. Just be alert and be rational in all instances.

This article is just an overview. You can always use the comment box placed below to continue the discussion.

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