Chanakya was a great strategist of his time. He is a hero for sure, but did not believed or advocated false-heroism. He was the one with very clear approach and deep understanding for the very basic principles. For him the victory was more significant than self-glorification. He let his life with pride but did not compromised the greater interest at its cost.

On looking at the history, we find great men cursed with a common disease; normally referred as “ego”. Their empires destroyed and reign ended because they were rigid. Every phase of history is full of such examples. As a matter of fact we are very lucky to have modern knowledge-base for reference. The question is; are we taking any lessons or continuing the class-bunk.

Before referring to ideas prescribed in Chanakya Neeti Shastra I believed in a life that must satisfy my ego. The life where I am “the Boss”. As a child such inspiration was delivered from an idiot-box (TV) in drawing room.

What I have understood so far is that in real-life a person can either attain his objectives or go for satisfying his ego. Maybe not you, but most of the persons whom I know lie in this slot. They want to be alpha of the group, party hard and show off their possessions. I repeat, you might not be like that.

Most of us overlook the real aspect of life and wander in some hypothetical dimension where the story begins with “when I will become …. then I will…. ”.  We don’t bother to ask “What to do? to get … ”

To achieve anything you will require a good plan, a great strategy and the flexibility for implementation. If there is risk in doing something this way then why don’t try that one. The greatest strength of a weak lies in his humbleness and weakness of a strong is his unsatisfying-ego.

There was a time when Chanakya was nothing and slowly and steadily he became the administrator of one mighty empire. In his life, all he did was to act-smart. There is hardly any incidence of his life where he acted without planning.

What happened that happened, boasting about past glory will do no good. The simple concept is to act as per requirement. Life is very dynamic and there is no defined rule to live it well. Definitely an egoistic-attitude is none of the options.

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