It might sound strange, but having knowledge is one thing and being able to implement that successfully is another one. Here, at this blog our focus is to highlight the insignificant details that have tremendous impact over one’s life. Many of us confuse excess of knowledge with wisdom and that is not going to help in any manner. Knowledge is useless (yes useless!) provided you find some productive utilization of that. It is like a wooden block that has fire/energy but won’t release until ignited.

We the humans dream a lot and some take/took dreaming to another level. They are/were experts and specialists in dreaming. Among them only a few became famous and successful. Why? They were able to turn dreams into reality. They put efforts in achieving those.

Not just efforts but the manner in which the tasks are assigned have a great impact. The concept is closer to displacement than distance being covered. You might be putting a great deal of efforts, but that won’t help; if not implemented in a smart way.

While other dreamers were not so lucky? Maybe they relied too much over luck and therefore those pioneers never came in limelight. Trust me, I have least suspicion regarding their talent and abilities. They were great men indeed, but were not successful and therefore none cares or talks about them.

Yes! this is the bitter reality of our World. Here survives the fittest. The other term for fittest is “Practical Man”. The difference between an impractical  and a practical  person is that one knows the trick while other performs the magic.

The lines below might  sound very simple.

  • Hard work is the key to success.
  • When done smartly, success comes for sure.
  • Smart work aims at reducing amount of efforts, but has nothing to do with being lazy.

Hopefully, you got the point.

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