Improve Yourself with Help of Knowledge

This article revolves around the concept of self improvement and the inspiration was obtained from a Chanakya Sutra that says “विज्ञानेनात्मानं सम्पादयेत् |” which means “Make yourself eligible with the  help of knowledge (विज्ञानं = science).

Call it knowledge, information, intelligence, or wisdom; they all are the sides of same polygon. We use different terms as per our convenience, but at the end they all solve the same purpose.

In this article we will be discussing the significance of knowledge and a few related aspects. Have a look…

Competitive Advantage:

When it comes about any sort of competition the person with better knowledge/information/understanding is most likely to win. Be it a game, war, or anything else. One who is well aware about his qualities and qualities of his opponent will win for sure.

For Your Own Benefit:

Knowledge not only fetches you the competitive advantage, but also helps in other productive ways. The availability of right information at right time is of great use. A man equipped with power of knowledge grows his influence, power, and wealth with passage of every minute.

* A man with knowledge creates opportunities for himself, even when they are not present. While others keep waiting for right opportunity to arrive.

* An intelligent being is not only capable of helping himself, but others as well. Thus, acquisition of knowledge aids in creating new bonds and friendships. This is how the knowledge adds to man’s influence and strength.

* Another interesting observation is that irrespective of the industry, the man who perform mental labor are paid significantly higher than men who do the physical labor.

What it takes to gain knowledge?

The list includes, but is not restricted to following three.

  • Desire to learn
  • Existence of a purpose
  • Determination

The determination and desire to learn guided by a noble purpose are definitely the right ingredients for the recipe. It’s said that the true education is one that solves a purpose. Therefore before learning something a man must ensure that there exists a valid purpose. Usability is key term. If not at present then at least the knowledge being acquired must be of some use in near future.

An ordinary guy reads, while the wise one understands. The difference  might not become obvious until results are obtained. This is true for both academic as well as non academic learning.

Involve the Experiences in the Learning Process:

Experience is a highly valued entity. The things that we learn through experience are usually not mentioned in the books. If you don’t have the required level of experience then consult someone who has.

A nice thing that you can do is to consult some trustworthy experienced person. Efforts will be required, to extract reality. People don’t give away their secrets so easily. Along with efforts, you will also need appropriate gifts and rewards in order to speed up the process.

Great leaders at present and throughout history maintained a council of wise men. Why? Because a man alone cannot perform all of the hard work required to reach the heights of greatness. Instead he seeks advice from men who have already spent a lot of time in the field.


The conclusion is that a man must understand the importance of knowledge, more importantly he must acquire it to solve intended purposes. You acquire the stuff only after becoming eligible for it and the right knowledge helps you to acquire the eligibility. Hopefully! this helped.





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  2. shiva Avatar

    u are doing a great job by helping and posting such articles and notes even u may get money for ads that’s never a issue when you are helping with a lot of useful information..

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar
      Saurabh Singh Chauhan

      You are right. Artha is the root of Dharma..
      Car runs on petrol and man on food. The physical reality and spiritual worlds are not two different spheres. They Co-exist.
      Dharma, Artha, Kaam, and Moksha are the 4 goals to be achieved by a man.

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    Really helpful fr people lke me….

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