Good Advice and Bad Advice: The Difference

When you are not sure about something you will require an Advice. If good advice is like a boon then bad advice is nothing less than a curse. This way it becomes very crucial in life to give and take right kind of advises.

In my nation the inflation is on rise, but this one thing is still offered for free. Every mouth has an opinion irrespective of the know-how required. It’s really funny to observe people taking it so lightly.

Simply, the advice that fetches you profit in reality (real profit not imaginary) is good, otherwise it’s useless or might be disastrous.

In this post I have tried to explore the basic difference between a good advice and a bad one. Have a look …

Taking Advises:

These points might help:

  • The suggestion coming from a person belonging to a different field must be given a second thought, third thought, 4th … You must not expect a physician to explain rocket science in its correct form. The person might be knowledgeable but only in his area of expertise.     
  • The person providing you with suggestions is himself a big clues. Your task must be to look for any hidden agenda. There is nothing bad to profit others, but not at the cost of your loss. 
  • Men make mistake and they make more mistakes when too happy, too sad, or angry. The advises provide at these times are to be taken very seriously. In the hype you might do something for which you will have to regret later. 
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse is on rise. The suggestions to and from people suffering from such condition must be provided with greatest care. Hopefully, this might not be the case with you, but it happens and I have seen it multiple times. 
  • Sometimes the suggestion might not be a complete match with your requirements. In such cases you can perform the desired modification in plan to make it compatible.    

The one thing that you must never forget is that at the end, responsibility will be yours. The incurred profit or loss will affect you, only you, or your loved ones. 

If you fail the whole responsibility will be yours. None will come and say “It was my mistake as I gave you a wrong advice”. Even if they confess the situation is unlikely to change.

Giving Advises:

The simple rule of thumb is to never provide an advice outside your area of expertise. In case, you find it difficult to suppress your urge to speak then mention it clearly that the idea stated is simply your point of view.

When you really desire to help someone better do it the right way. If you cannot make it it right don’t turn it to bad.

The conclusion is that you will come across numerous suggestions and a lot of mouths. Every time you will have to determine the legitimacy of every individual idea being presented to you. There is no single line definition or some devise to differentiate between a good advice and a bad advice. All you need is to take care and act right.

A Few Chanakya Neeti Quotes about speaking :

  • It is a waste to advice some foolish person. Your words won’t change the person’s nature. Like the fragrant wind passing through forest of sandal wood does not make any  impact on odor of a bamboo tree.
  • Don’t give any advice to a foolish person; try taking care of a woman with loose character; keep company of a sad fellow.
  • A really wise man is well aware about the art of speaking, he talks as per situation, speak the words that add to his fame, and shows anger in accordance with the power he possesses.

An advice is just an idea. It is you who will have to think about the outcome and act accordingly. 





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    vikash sharma

    this website is like a gem for people like us. really inspiring and and life changing concepts are given. if you want to change your life and wants to benefit from it implement these in your life.
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    Sujit Singh

    I am acting on it . If sometimes it is not possible then I pretend to act upon it .

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