Get Success: Start Praising People

“स्तुता अपि देवतास्तुस्यन्ति | “is the motivational quote by Acharya Chanakya that we will be discussing today. The English and Hindi translations of this positive quote are as follows:

  • Even gods feel satisfied when they are praised.
  • स्तुति किये जाने पर देवता भी संतुस्ट होते हैं |

People Admire the Admiration:

My personal observation is that almost all people love being appreciated by others. They work hard to achieve it and on receiving it they work even harder to maintain it. We are ok with ourselves when alone, but when in society we all desire to be the center of attraction. Another interesting thing to be noticed is that quantity of admiration demanded is always less than the quantity of admiration received by a common individual.

Most of us fail to praise others:

I am not sure, about the exact reason, but most of us have acquired an attitude that isn’t helping. Maybe we are watching TV a lot. Ego index is at its peak is rising at an hourly rate. Maybe you don’t have this issue. Just evaluate yourself and you will know. If not, then you might have been missing on a lot of opportunities and potential opportunities.

What should be done?

Just start praising people and a lot will turn positive for you. Why? just continue reading …

When you praise a friend then it strengthens the bond of friendship between you and him. Trust me friends are very useful. By Adding Friends You Add to Your Strength.

When you praise someone who is not so important even then you do a favor to yourself. By doing so you just added a potential ally. If not, was even a penny spent?

When you praise someone you don’t really like:

  • Well! there is a chance that the person will now behave a bit better.
  • You have presented yourself as friendly and hopefully, you will not appear on his threat radar. (stealth technology).
  • You might be able to add a friend and eliminate an enemy.

I hate a few and is jealous of many, but this should not stop me from taking the advantage. The goal is not to hurt someone, but to protect oneself.

The summary is that by acting polite towards someone you remove the unnecessary/unproductive friction. Your abilities, training, status, or experience should not stop you from exploiting your full potential. Be it a small engine or a big one, they all need oiling. The big ones need even more and same applies to us.

Just think a bit and have a nice Day!





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