You Have a Future?

In chapter 13 of Chanakya Neeti it is written that ” One must not be afraid of the future, nor shall regret upon the past. Wise men concentrate on utilizing the present to frame a brighter future.”

This simple life transforming principle applies to all of us. There are two possible scenarios.

  • Your past is like you desired it to be.
  • Else, you are not happy with your past.

The interesting thing is that nothing much can be done about it. All you have is your present and the way you treat it will decide your upcoming past and the future. What I told you is nothing new because whatever we think or tend to think, the truth remains the same.

The Desires you have can be fulfilled. If not all of them, then at least a few of them.

You need to rethink and test the intensity of those desires. If you are really serious about something, then the intensity attached to such desire will be huge.

Complain less and accomplish more. Here, we have two ways to live life. Have a look:

  • Complain, complain, and complain.
  • Focus on what can be done and do it the right way.

This is all about accepting the responsibility. I am responsible for my life and you are responsible for yours. You and only you are the person from whom you can expect unconditional help available 24 x 7 and at every place.

When you lose trust in yourself, then you complain. When you complain nothing gets corrected and then you complain even more. The cycle continues

Do you know that when you complain:

  • Your opponents feel blessed and happy.
  • You lose control
  • You acquire a bad mood and it adds to the problems.

It is not like that you are Unlucky. I will share another simple fact that might give you a glimpse of reality.

The fact is that all the unseen hard-work is given the name of luck by the men in the crowd.

Even if the luck is not on your side, then ensure that you get the help of the best lucky guy available i.e. You.

Better collect all your strength and show the world that you are someone who matters. You are the one who despite of all adversities came out victorious. If not for them, then do it for yourself. Be a hero – a real one.

The process may appear slow at beginning, but it’s always better to do something positive for a better change. The history is full of examples of men who had nothing and ended up with empires. If they can, you surely can.

* Obviously! I am not telling you to chase those unworthy, damaging, and unethical desires that don’t have a place in moral human society.






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  1. Devendra Avatar

    i really inspired by the ideas or facts given by the chanakya….!!

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