Enjoying Life? Do It the Right Way

Me, you and the person standing next have a common objective, which is to “Enjoy Life“. Here, the term enjoyment is just not limited to daily stuff. It has more to do with attaining the things that are desired and are likely to make you happy.

The enjoyments that most people aim for is definitely associated with a price. Yep! “ice-cream is for $10”. I mean to say that for achieving something you will have to pay the price. Be it cash, hard word, time or some other type of compensation.

Now, the question arises that you are enjoying at cost of what? Like a student enjoys to play games, but might be doing so at the cost of his education. A man might be enjoying company of his girl friend at cost of his family. A boss might be enjoying high production at cost of the morale of his employees. For sure, those scenarios are definitely not good because it costs you more than what you gain.

You won’t bargain an expensive entity for a cheap one. But, when it comes about enjoying things the basic principle is put on the shelf. Everyone likes to attain a profitable state when it comes about stuff related to money, but a few of these mighty-minded fellows go for a totally different approach in other fields of life.

  • You can earn huge amount of money, but peace of mind has very little to do with it.
  • It’s nothing bad in enjoying fast food provided your heath does not get affected.
  • Enjoying alcohol at cost of morality is certainly a bad Idea.
  • Suppose, you have only $10 in your pocket. Will you still buy that delicacy? Maybe or maybe not…  why?

Life is very dynamic and there is no single law or a set of laws that can define it. Every decision is to be made by keeping in mind the situations at present and what might be in future.

Each and every person on this planet is looking for enjoyment. For some enjoyment is more of a worldly affair while a few desire it in a more personal & peaceful manner. The best part is that there is nothing bad in enjoying life. Just ensure that you do it the right way. One of the most important term is “Balance in life“.

If you don’t have some entity then try getting that with justifiable means. There is no need to feel the anxiety of not having it. Try, try your best and even if you don’t get that “Simply, Move-On with life…”.  It’s life and It’s real.

Feeling of enjoyment is all about your state of mind and greatly influenced by your attitude towards something. You must learn to enjoy what your have, attempt for things that you don’t have, but never feel bad about not having them.

Are you really enjoying life?






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