We all know that there is no end of this discussion? Actually, life without either will not be that fulfilling. If we already knew this then why to waste our time? Now, before answering that question I would like to throw another question regarding the validity of the question itself?

When we were not that much enlightened we acted biasedly either towards money or towards the acquisition of power/authority. Then came the stage of understanding where both started appearing as an extension of each other. In this stage, the differences between both started to fade away. The conclusion was ” Acquisition of power and accumulation of wealth are equally important “.

We consider them “equally important” not “equal”. It’s important to consider this difference because in a recipe several ingredients might be equally important, but this does not mean that their quantities will be same/equal.  A few things will be needed in more quantity and some in less.

So What’s More Important? Money or Might.

My views in this regard are of least significance. It will be best in our interest to consider someone with a proven reputation.

Let us have a look on few inspirational quotes by Chanakya.  (Chanakya Sutras)

  • Even a great king fails to acquire respect from his people if he lacks in wealth.
  • The whole world respects a man who is wealthy.
  • Poverty is an experience of death while still living.
  • An ugly person with wealth becomes beautiful.
  • A man from non-noble family, but with abundant money is to be considered superior in comparison to a poor man of a noble birth.

So, is Money More Important? In my opinion, it is. (Until new and contradicting facts come to light).


  • Money and power/authority are equally important in life.
  • It appears money is more important. (in most of the scenarios)
  • Before the comment box gets bombarded with comments regarding the importance of education, knowledge, and skills. I would like to clarify that both money and power depend on them so…
  • Of course, money must be earned through right means.

Have a nice day and keep exploring the world around.