Does Money Matters or the Authority ?

We all know that there is no end of this discussion? Actually, life without either will not be that fulfilling. If we already knew this then why to waste our time? Now, before answering that question I would like to throw another question regarding the validity of the question itself?

When we were not that much enlightened we acted biasedly either towards money or towards the acquisition of power/authority. Then came the stage of understanding where both started appearing as an extension of each other. In this stage, the differences between both started to fade away. The conclusion was ” Acquisition of power and accumulation of wealth are equally important “.

We consider them “equally important” not “equal”. It’s important to consider this difference because in a recipe several ingredients might be equally important, but this does not mean that their quantities will be same/equal.  A few things will be needed in more quantity and some in less.

So What’s More Important? Money or Might.

My views in this regard are of least significance. It will be best in our interest to consider someone with a proven reputation.

Let us have a look on few inspirational quotes by Chanakya.  (Chanakya Sutras)

  • Even a great king fails to acquire respect from his people if he lacks in wealth.
  • The whole world respects a man who is wealthy.
  • Poverty is an experience of death while still living.
  • An ugly person with wealth becomes beautiful.
  • A man from non-noble family, but with abundant money is to be considered superior in comparison to a poor man of a noble birth.

So, is Money More Important? In my opinion, it is. (Until new and contradicting facts come to light).


  • Money and power/authority are equally important in life.
  • It appears money is more important. (in most of the scenarios)
  • Before the comment box gets bombarded with comments regarding the importance of education, knowledge, and skills. I would like to clarify that both money and power depend on them so…
  • Of course, money must be earned through right means.

Have a nice day and keep exploring the world around.






16 responses to “Does Money Matters or the Authority ?”

  1. harpreet kaur Avatar
    harpreet kaur

    What will you do with the authority if people do not respect you and you are very much sure about it that they are giving you respect for your money?

    1. Rahul Avatar

      Who r peoples?
      We r people for u n u all guys are people for me… Finally its starts with us…. So if we think same then we will get answer for sure

  2. Anmol Sarkar Avatar
    Anmol Sarkar

    character matters! money is just a necessity. Chanakya himself was very poor before rise of mauryan dynasty yet people consider him superior and he has gone down in the pages of history.

    1. Saurabh Avatar

      I agree. Narendra Modi is great prime minister, but he is slowly loosing the charm because inflation is on rise.
      It appears that in this world, most people primarily consider the financial aspect of things (including people). Other considerations are secondary, tertiary, or even low on the list.

      That’s simple truth of life. Full Stop.

      1. amit Avatar

        inflation was always there…wat can Modi do? pay ur taxes first

  3. Vidya Avatar

    You may have all the authority in the world but there will still be people who will intentionally disobey you. And having authoritative job need not necessarily mean that you will make money.

    But if you have money, MANY people will willingly treat your requests also as orders and do the job for you which implies that you automatically gain certain authority. Besides, if you have money, you can influence the people in the authoritative positions which in turn gives you certain authority.

    All this is ofcourse only if you earn money in the right manner.

  4. Shashak Avatar

    I agree with you !! cause in this Kalyug we all know that anything doesn’t matter but money matter. We had given an importance to it which couldn’t be compare with it, even though with authority.

    It is difficult to be proven when we consider an personality /character.

  5. Donald Trump Avatar
    Donald Trump

    Judas receiving thirty pieces of silver for betraying JESUS.
    …. It appears everyone’s doing the same.

  6. vinod patel Avatar
    vinod patel

    suppose one person whose name is Nathalal, if he has money people say Nathalal,

    if he is poor(No money) people say Nathio.

    what do you think???
    person is common but people’s view changes as per money

  7. Srikanth Avatar

    There are lot of people who are rich but dont have authority, some people are powerful but not too rich,but the real thing is, in order to be rich u have to be powerful and in order to be powerful u have to be rich right.

  8. Rajat Avatar

    As already stated , both are equally important but if I was to choose from one of these I would go with authority as money is a physical thing and now or afterwards it will change its place but once authority power and respect is gained it’s permanent . And also with authority comes support of everyone , which in fact increases our strength .

  9. Abhi Avatar

    Importance of both the things is very circumstantial, but if question about their need then yes everyone desires it.

  10. Kashif Khan Avatar
    Kashif Khan

    Both are important but I personally believe that Authority is more important than money. When Barack Obama visited India. All the great business man of India paid there visit to meet Obama on a dinner in the president house. They would not be able to take their precious time from there schedule when Obama will leave the presidency and come to India next time.

  11. Kaushik Avatar

    Al matters is our way to think..different people different way of living , different moral wat is rite to you n for u as decided by u.

  12. Mukt Mukh Avatar
    Mukt Mukh

    yes , money is effect of all other real wealth of self, there are nine wealth comes together the money follows there,

  13. omkara Avatar

    Knowledge is power ! Chanakya 🙂

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