One of the most appreciated lines of Chanakya Neeti is “Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be …

A few valid explanations for those lines are :

  • Do not let your competitor know about your weaknesses.
  • Show your strength when needed
  • Keep your enemies in disguise

Anyhow, those lines have nothing to do with flattery and show-off.  Many misinterpreted it an faced significant losses.

A man must know the entities that must be reveled and what things to be kept as secret. The art of winning is a bout being one step smarter than your opponent.

Suppose you own a business and definitely there will be few competitors. Now, even if your business is not going well; you must pretend everything to be fine.

Why? If they came to know about your bad condition then one or more competitors will double their efforts for throwing you out of business.

In-case, the opponent is not sure about your state then he will execute the plans slowly under fear for his move to backfire.

Note: The quote has nothing to do with showing-off. The whole concept is about acting smart. It’s good to show power but not your possessions.

Chanakya  has suggested disguise as a very useful tool. Provided you know the trick for its valid implementation.

* readers discretion advised.


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