Be Lazy or Be Successful

Laziness is a state of mind and it evolves from two things. One is the lack of interest and other is the lack of responsibility. Before we move forward with this discussion let’s have a look on following line from chapter 13 of Chanakya Neeti.

“The attitude of a person plays a very significant role in his life. At instances he finds himself bound by the worldly desires and with a slight change in state-of-mind he can also set himself free.”

Who are you?

For everything that has happened in your life, is happening in your life, and will happen in your life either you have a reason or an excuse. Most people confuse excuse with reason and this small mistake is restricting them from taking full advantage of their abilities. The ugliest part of the life of an unsuccessful person is that in 99% cases he himself and knowingly (not willingly) allows bad things to happen to himself.

As far as dreams and desires are concerned we all ensure that they are the greatest, but when it comes to putting the needed efforts majority of us fail in doing so. Why?

Nobody Cares About Your Complaints:

Laziness and procrastination are the things that require a reason (actually an excuse) for their survival. In reality, people will not procrastinate until and unless they have somehow convinced themselves to act irresponsibly. They should know that it is totally foolish to fool oneself.

With such irresponsible approach, no one can acquire success in life. Then upon failure comes their turn to provide excuses and complaints. No matter what reason/excuse you provide the failure will still remain a failure and complaining will not help either. In return, you might get some sympathy and it might make you feel better, but the reality will still remain as it is.

O! sympathy seekers it’s time to wake up. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that on the day of judgment you recite a victory speech instead of an excuse list.

Prepare Yourself for Success and Act:

The very first thing that must be done is to acquire a clear objective. What you really want to achieve? If upon thinking you find yourself in wrong place what will you do? Do what’s necessary and do what’s required. Simple!

If you really want to, you will find a way or a few excuses. Consider yourself as a soldier who is all alone and who is entrapped by enemies from all side. The situation is serious and you cannot make a bad move also if you don’t move the situation will turn even critical. This is how you should look at your life. It’s important for you to take a right decision before you run out of options.

If you are utilizing all 24 hours of the day and all your resources responsibly in an organized manner then, please accept my apologies for wasting your time. If not, then you know what to do with that. Have a nice day!






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