Keep aside the teachings of chanakya neeti and have a look over world history. You will find that most of the men who did anything great were not the strongest, lacked in resources or were in no condition to begin. Anyhow, they all had one thing in common and that was “strategy”. Not juts a strategy but a good one.

The reality of the world is that your intentions have no significance at all.  What matters most are the consequences of your actions and actions of others.  Suppose  someone is on rooftop and jumps from there.  He /she/it will get hurt  for sure no matter that person is how good or bad. We live in a physical reality where action is supreme. If a good person performs some stupidity then consequences will not be alterable for him.

The rule is simple  i.e. you cannot be too generous and expect profit in business. Chanakya neeti clearly points over the significance of planning and strategy in life. When your actions are well guided then the probability of hitting the right target increases exponentially.

Whether be it your personal, professional or private life; things cannot be taken for granted. You might be too lucky that no harm reached you till date, but you still have a life in-front and the associated risks/dangers. Remember that, “Failing to plan” is equals to “planning to fail”.  It takes a great deal of efforts to manage life, but worth it. After all it’s your very own life.

Choose you friends properly and be more attentive while choosing enemies. Make an action plan and prepare a much better plan B. You wont be getting much chances and with every second ticking out your life is becoming shorter.

Please stop complaining, being innocent and lazy. Determine your goals, create an action plan and go get your dreams. I don’t believe in you, its you who has to believe in yourself.

* Remember the teaching of Kautilya from Chanakya Neeti that don’t get too excited. When you plan you need to be calm. Now, after you have planned you must remain quite i.e. not to share the secret. (No one will pull your leg, interfere and thus the obstacles will be minimum).

Enough of advise; time for action …

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