6 Effective Ways To Ruin Your Life: Tried and Tested

Till now the majority of conversation on this blog was about the things to be done for attaining a successful life. In this post I have tried to bring forward 6 effective ways to ruin life. Have a look …

Start Denying The Reality:

This is probably the most effective way to shatter your life into pieces. Being too positive or being too negative in your approach will not have any impact on reality. The significance of a good attitude is undeniable. Anyhow, just expecting things to happen as per your wish is a highly irrational idea.

Once you stat denying the reality you will not be able to perform right things at right time. This will definitely add to your story  failure.

Aim At Making Everyone Happy:

Yes! this is a perfect way to shred away happiness form life and will ultimately result in decreased focus. Once your focus is lost the damage will be inevitable.

Few people cannot be satisfied and there is no point in wasting your energy. Your aim must be to benefit maximum number of people.

Share Your Secrets:

Another idea is to share your personal and business ideas with others. If you alone was not successful in pushing yourself on the path of disaster then this trick will work for sure.

Substance Abuse:

If the ideas stated above prove ineffective then try flooding your brain with alcohol and other kinds of drugs. It is your brain that controls body and once your leave it over mercy of drugs & intoxicants; disasters will happen.

With my personal experience I can say that most of the unsuccessful people have a good heart, but a bad brain.

Engage Yourself In Endless Planning:

A brilliant plan is the basic necessity for accomplishment of any task with success. You can use this idea as a shield for your inactivity. Whenever someone inquires about the progress then say “I am planning …  “. One day the time and opportunity will simply pass away.

Indulge Yourself In Matter Of Everyone:

It is one of the best way to lower your value and to invite unnecessary troubles. After an increased number of troubles, your energy level will fall and with lesser energy & time to concentrate on priority-tasks the chances for failure will increase exponentially.

I expect you to be a wise man and hope that you will not fall in such traps. Thanks for your time.






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    nirmala bhuraria

    Share Your Secrets: Please explain this and make it more clear

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