You can but will you?

Analyzing different kinds of human behaviors is one of my hobbies and I do it in a very positive manner. Like there always existed gravity until its discovery; very similar is my discovery for men who do nothing, but complain.

You might or might-not be one of them. The kind of people I am talking about are omnipresent. You can locate them in in public buses, on side walks, inside malls & markets, and even in family.

As per their definition they are very capable men surrounded by adversities of all kinds. They claim to be one trapped around unfavorable circumstances.

A few of their favorite phrases are.

  • I would have …. but ….
  • I had a problem so I was nor able to ….
  • I would have scored high, but….
  • My family and friends were … so i was nor able to ….

Precisely, these are the people with lot of ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’ in life.

My brothers and sisters you must understand that past has a significance, but not much in comparison to that of your present. Singing those old-songs will not help you in any manner. It might provide you with some strange kind of satisfaction but at the end whole exercise is completely useless. Please stop playing the victim-card.

Once you accept the fact that only you were responsible for the failures; the things will begin to simply. It was not your family, college, or anyone else, but you and only you.

The naked truth is that everyone desires a shares in your glory, success, and growth. Anyhow, none desires to get associated with your failures. At the end you are an all alone singular entity.

If for an instance I try to act sympathetic and say “My friend, I know that you are right and what happened is not your fault” then-too the reality will not change even a bit. I hope that you are not a professional sympathy-seeker. If you are then better change your attitude. Please get out from the ostrich’s approach and start enjoying the reality of life.

I personally feel that you are the most capable man in your area of expertise. Now, It’s your turn to prove me right. More importantly prove the same to yourself. What we refer as “The world” only looks at the outcome of your deeds. This way spending your precious time on complain counter is only waste of time.

It is a fact that everyone cannot win all the time. Still, it’s your responsibility to justify your birth and your very existence in this world. None can share this burden of yours.

You must try your best. Sorry! this is a competitive world and therefore ‘trying’ is not enough. You will require putting your best efforts into action.

The whole idea behind bringing all this was to help you in diagnosis of complain-disorder. Once you accept your reality and the reality of this world then the life will surely take a positive turn.

I know that you are feeling motivated. A suggestion by my side will be read the post on paralysis of analysis to prevent you from getting into unproductive planning-loop.

You can show your agreement, disagreement, and suggestions in comment boxes placed below. Thanks ! So “You can but will you?”






2 responses to “You can but will you?”

  1. kriti Avatar

    yes i can and will do also…….

  2. i can and i will Avatar
    i can and i will

    another motivational asteroid dropped on me and atmosphere is excellent day by day. . .

    I don’t know how i got into the blog but some weeks before I was just messing around and found this blog. This is amazing blog, Sir! Salute you from my heart. 🙂

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