What is Wrong in Punishing the Innocent?

This post is not for all because it is more of a reminder to a few who knowingly or unknowingly commit or support injustice in a way or another.

I am not only talking about the justice related to law & order, but also referring to the justice/injustice prevalent in micro systems like peer groups, families, neighborhoods, school & colleges, work places, and even between two individuals. Actually, same principle applies to all places irrespective of their size.

दण्डपारुष्यात् सर्वजनद्वेष्यो भवति | i.e. You create an enemy by punishing someone who is innocent.

What are the harms? Have a look …

The injustice sprouts the seed of revenge in mind of the victim. We humans have the tendency to retaliate. If the pain caused is deep and long lasting then the urge for vengeance grows exponentially. It is most likely that the victim will act as and when the opportunity arises.

The insignificant one who has nothing to lose is relatively more dangerous than someone with resources. An intelligent person never underestimates anyone and nor should you. Therefore one must never feel at ease while hurting someone who is weak. Don’t be in denial; the victim will seek revenge as and when the opportunity arises.

In addition, your opponents get an opportunity to unite with the victim with not so good intentions about you. This way you yourself increase the count of your opponents and strengthen them as well. That alliance would have never existed at first place. The simple moral is that there exists no point in bargaining short term gains in return of damages in long term. 

Above all it’s the question of self esteem and peace of mind. Anyone who is not dead from inside will feel bad after committing something inappropriate or indecent. You can clearly see that injustice neither serves you this way or that way.

Your injustice creates one more opponent to tackle, and adds to emotional liability for being wrong.

Historical Proof:

Acharya Chanakya visited King Dhananand with his concerns about the the welfare of state, but the too proud king mocked and threatened him. What did Chanakya and what happened to Dhananand is history.


  • Don’t be a bully and don’t hurt anyone.
  • Never to underestimate anyone.
  • Deny your opponents to gather support against you.
  • The biggest favor that you can do to yourself is ‘feel great’ by acting virtuous all the time.

* If you happen to be a victim, then ensure that you don’t deny the greater good, just to seek revenge. Life will be awesome if you like it to be that way…

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!





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  1. salman Avatar

    26-year-old Iranian woman Reyhaneh Jabbari convicted of murdering a man she accused of trying to rape her as a teenager was hanged on Saturday. I hate such orthodox system.