What you need Vs What you want ?

What you want from life? The simple answer is “Everything“. When it comes about creating a list of desires then even 100 sheets of paper will prove insufficient. I want more success, I want a happy married life, I want  money, I want… this… and even that!.

To be true a man lives his life to gain or attempting-to-gain whatever he desires? There are a few fellows that do it very successfully, but the majority appears to be heard-walking and trapped in a kind of rat race.  They know that “To win a race they will have  to run; the problem is is that their journey is direction less.”

Except for those non-greedy fellows each and every human being on this planet desires for money. Not just money, they dream for more and more money. An increment made in the desired value with every second thought about the Green-Stuff. Same is the case with fame, power, and many other significant things in life.

Now, you must be wandering why am I talking about here and there. Well, the lines below will let you know. Have a look on the lines stated below and read them aloud in your Mind.

  • What you want? The correct answer to this question will always be a desire.
  • What you need? The generic answer is “Food, clothes, and shelter”. What else you need …
  • This is probably the most significant line in whole article. The best question to ask is “What I need to get what I want?” 

For instance, if your relationship is normal, bad or good and you desire to make it better. Then the foremost requirement will to accomplish the tasks needed to attain the objective.

Every desire is associated with a set of requirements and once you fulfill those the stuff will be acquired automatically. What I am talking about is a very broad idea applicable for most of the things. It will be your responsibility to identify your objectives and their requirement.

Also, you need is to be very realistic with your approach i.e. You must consider yourself as an entity and evaluate your pros & cons in an unbiased manner. Here. I am not telling you to look on your current circumstance and say this is me. You will need to identify yourself, the real you and abilities of this you that resides within you.

Remember that is nothing is unreachable, provided it falls within your area of expertise. If not, then need not  to worry i.e. all you need is to acquire right set of skills needed for the job.

Just focus on action required to attain what you desire and very soon your wishes will turn into reality.






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