What is Your View towards Old People?

Not all, but there are many who consider elderly people as a liability. They consider people in old age as unproductive, inefficient, and annoying. Well! this article is not for such people. So if you are one of them, then please don’t waste your time.

Doing something good in itself is the reason enough for doing so. The other reasons include, but are not restricted to following :

You Can Benefit From their Experiences?

As a strong man you might be in possession of everything. Still, when it comes about experience the old folks have plenty. As a wise man you must benefit from that. The stories of their life are a clear indication about what to do and what not.

Chanakya once said that “Life is too short to make all mistakes by yourself. You must learn from mistakes of others.”

In the support of previous statement I would like to quote a chanakya sutra that says “वृद्धसेवया विज्ञानत्” i.e. “वृद्ध सेवा से सत्य ज्ञान प्राप्त होत है ” i.e. “You can attain true knowledge by serving old people“.

You are Contributing to the Social Trend:

Every individual’s effort count in setting/enforcing trends within a social system. The difference between our society and one that existed decades ago are huge. Unacceptable things of that era are now in mainstream and vice versa. Things changed, but in a slow (I mean very slow) and steady manner.

It  must be taken into consideration that the noticeable changes in-between consecutive decades are gigantic, that in-between years are significant, the changes between months are tiny, and noticeable changes within consecutive days are almost invisible.

Yes! the Rome was not built in a day, but each day and every activity had it’s significance. Every individual alive on this planet is an active component to that change.

By not taking care of elder people you yourself are enforcing a new trend with lesser scope for yourself when you will become old. Society requires a stable structure for its survival. At this very moment you are either building that structure  or destroying it.

As Per Dharma?

Every great religion tells to respect and take carer of elderly people. Any persons who identifies himself as a religious man must act accordingly. If not, then such person is nothing more than a hypocrite liar. Any true Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jain will agree without doubt.

In chapter 15 of Chanakya Neeti it has been stated that:

A man who has mercy and compassion for all creatures is religious for sure. He does not requires any religious symbol to prove his religiousness.

No matter you are religions or not, good things will still be called good things.

What’s Your Own Worth?

Animals take birth, they live, and one day they die. The lives of humans are not much different from those of animals. What really differentiates is the way in which the life was lived?

Animals are self-centred and and people who live a self-centred life cannot be considered as true humans. We humans were designed to take care of each other.

Also, It’s about the feeling of self-worth and significance. Your true significance is independent of your strength or money. It depends on the impact you had on lives of other beings.

True mental peace can only be acquired by helping people without expecting anything in return. If you receive something in return, then it’s good otherwise be fine with it. In reality, you serve yourself with satisfaction (of self worth) by serving other/elderly people.


I know it’s not easy ( actually it’s hard) to take care of elderly people. Remember that I told in the beginning that this is article not for everybody. I have raised a point. Please feel free to accept it or to reject it.


16 responses to “What is Your View towards Old People?”

  1. Harish Avatar

    Fully agree with you this article is not for all! because I’ve seen/seeing in today’s eternal world how people are ignoring there parents and elder people for sake of money and other worldly things.

    1. Soumya Avatar

      Very good article. You are right Harish. These days people are behaving more like animals and less like humans.

  2. Kevin Avatar

    You surely are a spiritual guru. Thank!

  3. Aakash Avatar

    Parents are being ignored because of selfish wives. Women should not be self centred and greedy. Selfish women doesnt allow husbands to take care of thier parents. In todays generation women want independent life. They use
    husband as sperm donor and an ATM machine. They use
    children as the weapon to target old parents, how bad, Women should change then society will change.

    1. Lakshmi Avatar

      Parents r being ignored also bcos of selfish husbands who want to have all d earnings ,services and everything needed for d welfare of a family from their wives but not any of her responsibilities towards her parents. Men shd change their attitude reg.family and respect elders immaterial of whose parents they r bcos respecting elders is finally d most imp.thing.

  4. Manuja Sahai Avatar
    Manuja Sahai

    The word old sounds good only when it is used to qualify friendships,associations,promises and memories…let us not use it to qualify people.

  5. riddhi joshi Avatar
    riddhi joshi

    hey what about the old 1 who never care about us.

  6. Geeta Avatar

    It is hard as there is a age gap however we can remove this gap by giving them respect and care.

  7. khel hemam Avatar
    khel hemam

    nowaday everybody is dreaming about luxuries, brands…& parties….. who cares their old parents living in 8×10 sqft. as a babysitter……#wake_up #wake_up …. time to think & act…

  8. sudama prasad Avatar
    sudama prasad

    एकदम सही कहा है आपने .ऐसा भी देखा गया है कि जो अपने श्रेष्ठजनों यानि बुजुर्गों को आदर नहीं देता उसके साथ भी उसके परिवार की अगली पीढ़ी वैसा ही ब्यवहार करती है.

  9. vijay Avatar

    awesome!!!! elders are treasure of our life…….. god is old as well……..

  10. vinod ahuja Avatar
    vinod ahuja

    very good thoughts and comments thereof

  11. rohit rishi Avatar
    rohit rishi

    inspirational thoughts were being given by everyone,…inspite of this he himself don’t apply in his life….it depend on us that how we will take it as….

  12. nitehs srivastava Avatar
    nitehs srivastava

    It is our responsibility to take care of our elder family member and society”s elder because its life cycle , after sometime we will enter in old age then we wont axpect that someone will care,,,,,,,,so think and decide. someone said a old man die,,,,then a complete dictionary is spoil…

  13. एस॰ के पारीक़ Avatar
    एस॰ के पारीक़

    बोए पेड़ बबूल का आम कहाँ से खायें या जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी- आशय यह है की यदि हम बुज़ुर्गों की सेवा करते है और यह सेवा करते देखना बच्चों के मानस पटल पर अंकित हो जाता है उसी तरह भविष्य मैं वो हमारी सेवा करेगा । इसलिए स्वम का स्वार्थ समझ कर भी सेवा करनी चाहिए दूसरी बात वरिष्ठ जनो
    के पास ढ़ेर सारा अनुभव होता है उसका लाभ मिलता है
    अत: वरिष्ठजनो की सेवा व देख भाल ज़रूर करे ।उनके आशीर्वाद /ड़ुआए प्राप्त होंगी।
    जो हाँ

  14. ckh Avatar

    Yes, we should take care of elderly people but sometimes for some unmanageable circumstances people sometimes fail to heed to this part of life, I don’t know the consequences in-spite of having good sense over d matter

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