Trick For Effective TeamWork

The people around impact us and our lives. This impact might be positive or negative depending on the positivity and negativity of those people. For this reason a wise man avoids accompanying unenthusiastic, negative, or angry people. Instead he prefers company of other wise men of high character and great morale. The simple message is that right people add to your strength and help you in accomplishing your goals.

In this context Chanakya says to  “Appoint people who listen and have pious thoughts“. Anyone working with such men is very likely to achieve his goals and objective.

Without any doubt the new person must possess the necessary qualification. A proper evaluation must be performed prior to allocation of responsibility. The things like educational qualification, professional know-how, formal degrees, and certificates are much easy to validate, but not the psychological aspects of that person.

Effective Communication is very Important:

All great leaders were well aware about the importance of an effective communication channel within a group. The teams which lack this basic setup are already a failure or awaiting one. The situation worsens when people speak simultaneously interrupting each other. This sort of activity destroys the chain of command and usually proves fatal to the very existence of that group or team. The hierarchy must be well defined and must comply with principle of “Unity of command“.

A leader must ensure that his followers remain disciplined and dedicated. There is no point in leading a team where people don’t listen and don’t care for the orders given to them. These type of things usually happen at places where a leader is allocated the responsibility without necessary level of authority associated with it.

As a leader you must have different rewards and punishments for your subordinates. This kind of implementation amplifies your voice within the organization and people become more attentive to your words.

* The tool named ‘Fear of punishment‘ must be used wisely and with caution. You cannot overuse it under any circumstances.

I don’t say that autocratic form of management is the best, but a bit of it can be quite handy when sweet words lose their significance. Everyone must know who is the boss and what you expect from them as a boss.

The short summary is that obedient members are the most valuable members of your team. As a leader you must take necessary steps to increase their count.

… Good Men:

Well! it is very-very important that you work with good people. The list includes, but is not restricted to honest, truthful, hard working, dedicated, faithful, determined, and focused men. No further explanation is necessary regarding this point.

* Lazy, dishonest, and corrupt workers will only add to your problems. Find proper replacement for them ASAP.





4 responses to “Trick For Effective TeamWork”

  1. Saurabh Avatar

    The Sanskrit Quote is : श्रुतवन्तमुपधाशुद्धं मंत्रिणं कुर्वीत् ।

  2. Ananta Avatar

    I know a few guys who are too cocky. I certainly hate their behaviour.

  3. Nandani Avatar

    I guess that this post is about evaluating individual members of a team and to see if they are serving the purpose of not.

  4. Pratima Avatar

    What to do with disobedient guys?

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