The Power of Silence

The purpose of this article is to save innocent men and women who knowingly or unknowingly tell things that they should not. It’s formulated for people who speak too much, flaunt for no reason, and for people who have too many friends to share info with.

In Chanakya Neeti, Acharya says:

A person without control over his tongue is unlikely to become successful in life. On the other hand, a person who knows when to speak and when to remain silent will succeed for sure.

We live in a society full of people. The crowd around can be easily grouped as follows:

  • people who really care
  • people who have no concern
  • and people who are against you

If you are unlucky enough and your secret goes to someone against you then a lot can go wrong. An open secret is a tactical disadvantage. You might or might not be able to hold your ground in such a situation. The damages can be serious, irrecoverable, and might be irreversible.

What’s been told in the previous paragraph is not rocket science, but it’s quite interesting to see how casually people interact with friends and acquaintances. What I have come to understand about life is that nothing is to be performed casually and without sufficient reason & reasoning behind it.

In the case of Ravana. He was defeated because his secret was revealed to Lord Rama by his own brother Bhibhishan. It’s a well-known story, everyone knows about it, and yet it’s hard to find someone implementing the lesson learned.

For sure the situation will not be so hazardous if your critical info reaches a man who has no concerns regarding you or your matter. Still, this person without concern might casually reveal your stories to someone with not so good intentions. If this happens then who is to be blamed? Trust me! playing the blame game won’t actually help.

Also, it will be foolish to share your secret even with a friend. First of all, it will be unwise to stress them for no good reason, and secondly what if the bond of friendship breaks after a while. Will he/she try not taking the advantage of the situation?

Another important consideration is that you really cannot tell who is who and what is what when it comes to the true nature of people. This is the world where expressions and intentions usually don’t match. Why take a risk? Why sir why?

Your speech is an asset and your words are like currency and being too generous is definitely a bad idea.






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