Spirituality is Not About Impracticality

The primary reason for writing this articles is to answer a few repetitive questions regarding philosophy of Chanakya. In most of the conversations people told about a scenario where they acted right/virtuous and yet were victimized by others. They asked about an explanation and maybe this articles would help.

Perception and Reality are two Different Things:

Whatever we perceive might or might not be the reality. Depending upon our perception we make an assumption of the reality. The accuracy of this assumption varies depending on the ability of person himself, the situation, medium, and the person/object being perceived.

Therefore it becomes necessary for a man to improve his observational skills in order to know the truth. For example: It is mistake of person holding snake in his hand who perceived it as a rope. This person never desired to grab a snake, but …

We cannot prevent mistakes from happening at all, but by being more receptive to reality we can definitely reduce their count.

* Being Skeptic is not that bad.

Clarity Regarding Priorities:

Before you begin something you must be very clear about priorities. For this you should calculate the short term as well as the long term opportunity cost. Any sort of mental conflict or confusion will only reduce your efficiency and will hinder your progress.

More important is to do what’s necessary than doing what you desire.

If you want to do something good and you have right/practical reasons for doing so, then do it. There is no point in doing anything halfheartedly. Also, such decisions are to be made in a calm and relaxed mental state.

* If for some reason you are stuck in something you don’t like, even then you don’t have the luxury of taking  rash decisions. In such situations a detailed exit-plan should be formulated with well defined priorities.

Being Irresponsible:

The problem with good people is that they behave irresponsibly towards themselves. As they don’t desire to hurt/exploit others, they tend to believe that their unguarded flanks won’t be attacked. This kind of approach is very damaging. If you create an opportunity for others to exploit you, then who is to be blamed?

Goodness is like a precious ornament, but it it not a substitute for tools like Wisdom and Intelligence.

Good Planning and determination are the main ingredients for recipe of Success. If you have right reasons and right reasoning, then victory will be yours. Just explore things from a practical aspect.






4 responses to “Spirituality is Not About Impracticality”

  1. rajveersingh Avatar

    good planning and determination have no means while destiny is not with you

  2. rakesh kumar maiti Avatar
    rakesh kumar maiti

    man make his own destiny..

  3. Renu agarwal Avatar
    Renu agarwal

    Good planning and determination are necessary but one should not consider it as ends

  4. Abhi Avatar

    Good Planning itself consist of contingency , though the outputs doesn’t show up instantly but determination will pay in the end.

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