Conflicting Spiritual Thoughts

The purpose of writing this post is that recently I received a lot of inquiries from people asking my opinion on different spiritual thoughts. Most of them provided me with two of more conflicting statements from different spiritual and religious books.

As per my very personal view the issue was not about the any conflict, but was the end result of the confusion, a bit of misinterpretation, and due to bias or unbiased attempts to extract the meaning out of the real context.

A majority of questioning was done regarding Bhagwad Gita  where Krishna preached about the peace as well as asked Arjuna to fight and finish the opponents. How can ‘War’ and ‘Peace’ be related to each other?

I can easily provide a satisfactory answer to this, but my purpose will not be solved by doing so. Such questions will keep coming one after the other. My mission was and still is to provide beloved countrymen with a correct mindset to think right and in the right direction. Is thinking such a mammoth task?

We humans are lazy fellows and we are really good at it. We are lazy to such extent that we don’t even bother to think properly. In fact, it is our brain that consumes maximum energy. If you can’t take pain to think then better don’t expect anything from your life.

Dealing with Conflicting Spiritual Thoughts:

Follow the simple principle that says “When in confusion, use common sense“. Whatever is written in a book, on some paper, and even on this blog must not be believed until and unless you are sure about it. Think about it and question yourself. 

Always look for the context and intention. This is the most important step and when looked out-of-context the good things go bad. The devil will always tell you the truth, but out of context.

Read with an unbiased mindset. Even the greatest villain like the Ravana is admired for his intelligence. He was a great poet, a great scholar, a great warrior, and much more. Even Lord Rama admired him and sent his brother Laxmana to seek knowledge from him when Ravanana was counting his last breaths. 

Yes! We must learn from mistakes of others. Life is very short to make all mistakes by ourselves. (Ravana had all qualities, but his ego destroyed him)

In the Chapter fifteen of Chanakya Neeti it is stated that:

The knowledge in holy scriptures is like a huge sea. For a man with busy life, it will not be possible to read and understand everything. He must act like a swan i.e. attain what is useful and leave the rest.

* In mythology It is believed that the swan has the capability to split water and milk apart from each other.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. The idea is still valid. If you still have a problem accepting that then take the example of a centrifuge machine, which is used to separate cream from the milk.

The spiritual thoughts are not as insane as we tend to think. All you need is a correct and unbiased approach.





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  1. karan sharma Avatar
    karan sharma

    It is very nice I have learnt a bit from it
    but when ever I am in some situations
    I will follow this Chanakya neeti

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