Significance Of Your Attitude

Chanakya Neeti says that

“The attitude of a person plays a very significant role in his life. At instances he finds himself bound by the worldly desires and with a slight change in state-of-mind he can also set himself free.”

The line stated above clearly tells us about the importance of having a positive attitude towards life. Here, by ‘Positive Attitude‘ I do not refer to some imaginary craziness where you expect the situation to become favourable on its own. That will be something closer to the concept of day dreaming.

There exists a very huge difference between having a positive attitude, just an attitude, and having an unjust attitude. It is true that thinking positive will make you feel better, but the real issues is to make things better for you.

Putting your head under the sand like an ostrich will only and only lead to bad results. The foremost requirement will be to understand and feel the gravity of the situation in which you are. Any sort of biased thoughts will not prove beneficial.

Having hope that things will turn good at some point is indeed a  nice thought. Anyhow, it will remain a thought until you come up with an effective action plan. Hope must be your driving force, not some predefined assumption.

Traits of an Ideal Positive Attitude:

  • It is based on reality, not on assumptions. You aim at doing-better than feeling-good.
  • You are able to identify your strength as well as weaknesses.
  • Allows you to turn your weaknesses into strength or in their elimination.
  • Provides you with a very accurate calculation about your capabilities.

Logically, there exists nothing such as POSITIVE ATTITUDE or NEGATIVE ATTITUDE. It’s more about your approach and the way you stare at things & situations around you. The secret lies in identifying the ground reality.

Also, sometimes the situation is about being greedy. There is nothing (or very little) to worry about, but the person finds it difficult to find peace. The problem as well as its solution lies in your attitude. ‘Greed’ is nothing, but ‘Over Motivation’.

A lot of online/offline resources will tell you about the significance of positive attitudes and hazards of negative attitude. I personally felt that those were missing this very basic idea about accepting reality. So I shared it with hope that you will find it beneficial. Thanks!






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