Showing Seriousness In life

Seriousness in life” is one of the well heard phrases. In this post I have tried to bring forward the attitudes and approaches of men regarding being serious.

Ask the meaning of this word to a wise man and he will tell you that it’s all about getting into the correct mindset. Before proceeding further I will ask you the same question. Are you serious in life or serious with life?

Whatever be your answer? It is likely to be correct provided you can differentiate between being really serious and acquiring the facial gesture of seriousness. If it’s about being calm, productive, and focused then you don’t require reading further. You are already in correct mindset and whatever I am going to say is already know to you.

As per my personal experience I can say that many people confuse seriousness with acquitting bad mood (at least the mood that cannot be called good). What I mean to say is that the person is troubled from inside with seriousness only on his face?

A really serious fellow will always be calm from inside. He will not allow second-thoughts (not bright Ideas) to stay for more than a few seconds. He will do what’s necessary, figure out ways to perform what he can’t, and move forward in life leaving the stuff that don’t matter.

Think about something that you really want to have, do, or change (something significant and not ordinary). In other words, “Think about something you are serious about”. You can take your time to think before answering the questions mentioned below.

  • Is you target easy, hard to achieve, or impossible? If impossible then leave it right now. You must not get into habit, but if the stuff is not worth putting efforts then its better to focus your energy on something gainful and productive.
  • If the objective is achievable then better get serious about it. This seriousness must be real and not like the one depicted by kids in front of parents regarding studies. You need to be serious from inside.

Your actions will prove everything and you don’t require proving your seriousness to others. Acquiring worries has nothing to do with being serious. If you are in some trouble then plan for dealing with it. Most of the times it’s all about your attitude and approach towards something. A swing in mood can increase or decrease your efficiency to significant levels.

The moral is that you don’t require showing seriousness in life, but to act seriously in real life.

Chanakya Neeti says “you must remain quite i.e. not to share the secret with others“. Do not allow your opponent to read signals of pain/problem on your face as they are always in search of exploiting your weaknesses.

Another verse from Chanakya Niti that supports this approach is “If a snake is non-poisonous, then too it must pretend like one with ability to take life“.

Hopefully, you got the point.






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