Right decisions at Right Time

It is very important that we take right decisions at right time. Anyone who can manage to do so will win for sure and nothing can be said about the person who fails to do so. Obviously! we all know this simple principle and why am I writing an article about it?

Knowing something is one one thing and understanding it is a totally different thing. I am not here to question your level of understanding but to discuss a few points that might be known or unknown to you. Please have a look…

What is a decision?

The option finalized is referred as a decision. Simple!

Suppose you desire to perform something. Next, you will look at numerous options available to implement that task. In the next step, a wise man will evaluate the pros & cons associated with each option and then will finalize the option that fits best as per his requirement.

A few important considerations regarding it are:

  • Good decisions yield good results and bad decisions will deliver bad results.
  • Good decisions if for some reason remain unimplemented then …
  • Selection of advisors is also a critical issue. A few important things to consider include, but are not restricted to their credibility, experience and their stake in.

The contribution of Time in the Equation:

The Same decision, but taken at different times yield different results. 

Not in all cases, but in most of the situations the best decisions are those which are taken in the initial stage. A few examples in support are listed below:

  • It is best for a student to start preparing for the exam from the first days than deciding to study in the night before the exam.
  • The organizations/enterprises that enter a new market at an early stage usually make a fortune, but companies that enter a saturated market don’t get that advantage.
  • Sick and Old people are never offered the insurance they need.

 It must be taken into consideration that a decision can only be taken in existence of a few options. In lack of options, we refer it as compulsion/helplessness.  Chanakya has said:

“Many times it is the helplessness that forces people to act as good. A weak person acquires friendly nature due to his inability to oppose the stronger. A poor fellow may position himself on peak-of-morality because he cannot afford to have luxuries and women. A sick turns into a highly religious person, and an old lady becomes very virtuous because she cannot act naughty anymore.”

Thank you. May Lord Shiva Bless Us!





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