Your Attitude Towards Your Mistakes?

Almost all people perform Mistakes in life. Any mistake done by any person is either the outcome of his unplanned activities or  sub-consciously planned activities. Sometime it just happens, and none is to be blamed. The good thing is that every failure comes with a great lesson for smart individuals, provided it’s not too late.

Here, I have tried to share my observations about the attitude & approaches that people reflect towards the mistakes done by themselves and ones those were performed by others.

One of the most commonly observed approach is that majority acts like a judge when the mistake was done by others. However, if the same mistake was made by them, then the same person acquires role of a qualified lawyer. Truly! An impressive attitude … (Not really).

The fact remains “You must lie in your bed, the way you made it“. A mistake is a mistake irrespective of the explanations and theories you have. The most damaging things that you can do to yourself are:

  • Becoming habitual
  • Committing more mistakes to justify the mistake that was done in past.
  • Denying reality
  • Keep on arguing at the complain counter of life
  • Taking them lightly

In my society, the consumption of alcohol is considered bad. I am sure that no society loves drunkards and drug-addicts. A person begins with single shot a day and then comes the time when his whole day finishes in taking shots one after the other. A person must be more cautious about making smaller mistakes that are hard to identify and might lead to some very serious trouble.

There exist a few people who can be anything, but never be wrong. This attitude provokes them to do more and more inappropriate tasks. If you have a point to prove then better prove it to yourself. Prove yourself that “You are a wise man with a very high self-esteem and not that damaging-ego”.

I have seen men arguing for hours in an attempt to prove that they were correct and it was the time, situation, somebody, or something else that was responsible. Maybe or maybe not. Still, none cares.

The million dollar question is whether the person learned something from his mistakes or not. Learning is just the part of the process and it becomes justifiable only after a proper implementation of the idea that was acquired.  Denying the reality will not have any effect on the truth other than making the situation even worse.

Some say that everyone gets a second chance. How can you be so sure about the second chance? If you are, then you might not be playing wholeheartedly. Having a casual attitude towards your mistakes is “An another Big Mistake”? I know that am not sounding sweet, but please bare with me.

You need not to say is loudly that you were wrong; because the more important thing is that, you feel it from inside. What I am trying to say has nothing to do with acquiring depression or feeling low from inside. Just be in the right attitude and be aware about the reality.

Thanks for your time. Waiting eagerly to know your point of view.





8 responses to “Your Attitude Towards Your Mistakes?”

  1. Yogy jaluka Avatar
    Yogy jaluka

    Life gives second chance, when you say game over. I agree everypoint of this site’s posts except “one mistake and game over.”

    its not over until I win.

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

      Very good approach towards life. I agree to your disagreement. However, both points are valid in their context.


    Nice explanation. Thanks

  3. Jiten Rana Avatar
    Jiten Rana

    The first step is to have enough courage within to accept that “yes, I have committed mistake!!”. Only after that, one will become sporty to mistake and learn from it and gain positive outcome.

    But nowadays, I don’t know how correct I am, but I feel that so down our morale has fallen that even if we know that we are committing something wrong, we just ignore it just because we do not have that audacity to face the truth, do the right things and most often the causes for these are society pressure or our being absurdly conscious about our image to others.

    This kind of articles keeps giving a boost to the people who wants to tread the path of righteousness.

  4. synaviour Avatar

    Mistakes are not mistakes until we realize it by ourselves and we should gain a knowledge from that instead of making excuses. We should challenge ourselves not to repeat such mistakes.

    Its all about proving myself than screaming my excuses.

    Correct me if I’m wrong cause I believe nobody can win everytime and mistakes can never leave us, it hit our head by 3/4 means mentioned in above article.

    Life is short, our world is tiny but our works are never ending, so ofcourse one small mistake – game over, until you improve your attitude towards it. So I believe your previous article is incomplete without this one.

  5. Abhishek Jain Avatar
    Abhishek Jain

    It actually helped me. Now, I accept what mistakes i made and choose to move on with right attitude.

  6. rupal parikh Avatar
    rupal parikh

    omg!!!! wat a rigid nd unforgiving attitude u have towards mistakes (ones own or others)
    Disagree wid ur “a mistake z a mistake” ” no second chance” “one mistake nd game over” kind of thinking…Your neeti is all brain nd no heart …Where r d positive human traits like forgiving nd forgetting,let going of mistakes etc? A more human approach will get more positive results in all situations of life…
    Have gone thru all ur posts nd found ur views vry black nd white nd judgemental….So although I agree wid u on all d points fundamentally will never follow or share u..
    Life is a rainbow,njoy all d colors frnds…Lets be human nd not god!!

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

      Please keep enjoying yourself. We both have our opinions and definitely there is nothing wrong with that. You prefer to be human and I want to be a god (not exactly, but there is no harm in becoming powerful,loving, helpful, better, and even better).

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