Not to Display Anger in Public

The current post talks a bit about public display of anger. The inspiration for this article was obtained after reading the following Chanakya Quote.

संसदी शत्रु न परिक्रोशेत्  |

It means “Not to display anger towards your opponent in public.” Let’s dig deeper.

It’s about how You look?

It matters how we present ourselves in front of others.  It’s important that we present ourselves as stable and reliable beings. Also, it must be noted that most of the people will easily forget your good deeds, but will remember your inappropriate acts. By displaying anger you yourself  ruin your image in their eyes.

It is not a good idea to present yourself as an angry & negative guy in front of your friends, boss, co-workers, or the person next door.

* It matters that you matter in eyes of people who matter.

It only adds to the problem:

A man’s priority must be to avoid any unnecessary friction in life. Any act being performed under influence of anger (the state where you lose control) will only add to the problems.

  • First of all you’ll alert your opponent about your intentions.
  • Also, you will present yourself for the counter attacks.

Those two things would have never occurred, but you failed to control your anger and that too in public.

* Public allegations leaves the alleged with fewer, but stringent options.

* A planned display of anger is something different. Every great politician is well aware about this little trick. They oppose, but rarely lose control while addressing any issue.

It’s not ok to loose control at any instance and the situation worsens when you do it publically. It’s important that we continue increasing the count of our supporters. One way to do so is by not humiliating anyone. Even if you fail in gathering  some support, then at least the count of your opponents will not rise. The simple moral is to use discretion as and when required.

The biggest mistake that you can do in life is to overestimate your strength and to underestimate the strength of your competitor.  Be Happy and have a nice day!





14 responses to “Not to Display Anger in Public”

  1. ravi Avatar

    But if u dont show anger to people. They think that you are weak. This will increase their notion to afeect you. This may lead to the severe negative impact even crime

    1. Nitin Avatar

      well said Ravi..

  2. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar
    Saurabh Singh Chauhan

    A planned display of anger is quite different than loosing control in anger.

  3. Narendra Avatar

    Have a look on these quotes on anger

    ” Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy” by Aristotle.

    “Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” by Laurence J. Peter

    If still confused, then you are an idiot.

  4. Sweety Modi Avatar
    Sweety Modi

    Hello Sir, Please provide us some anger management tips. Thanks in advance.

  5. kabir Avatar

    I am big follower of chanakya and his niti. Please keep posting more about his philosophy. Thanks

  6. N.Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    It is not true to believe that a person who do not show his anger is seen week. It is the opposite which is true. Please are stuck up when you do not display anger and do not know what you have planned. The understand you are not happy with the situation.

  7. Fr.Bipin Avatar

    If you are an administrator of an office or corporate, you need not to show anger to an employee who offended you in public. You should show your anger by calling him to the office and giving him a ‘show cause notice’ and at last remove him from the Job . by doing this, you gain the support of others at the same same your intention shall also be fulfilled that is “No evil person’ should be working in the same office anymore. By this you also teach a lesson to other staff that you are strong.

  8. Suhit Fotedar Avatar
    Suhit Fotedar

    Dear Sir, I don’t have WILL POWER & have tried almost Everything to Increase My WILL POWER— Motivational Books, Worship, Mantras, Chants, etc. etc., but Have Not Succeeded. I am Well Aware that that WILL POWER is Inside & Within, & has to be Explored & Developed by The Person Himself. But Even then, I’ve Been Failing Continuously… I am a FOLLOWER & DISCIPLE of ‘CHANAKYA’ & have been Trying Hard to Find The Solution to My Problem From Him, But am Not Able to Find any Article of Chanakya For Increasing WILL POWER…. Please Help Me Out in Providing a ”SPECIFIC & PARTICULAR CHANAKYA METHOD OF INCREASING/IMPROVING THE WILL POWER”. I Shall Be Highly Obliged. Thanks & Regards: Suhit Fotedar

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

      Instead of forcing yourself, try to bring yourself in harmony with oneself. Will power is not about fighting yourself for control, but taming and training oneself.

      It is impossible to avoid emergence of bad thoughts in our minds, but the control lies in not doing anything bad and in diverting your attention to something more productive.

  9. Suhit Fotedar Avatar
    Suhit Fotedar


  10. Srinath Reddy Avatar
    Srinath Reddy

    What ever said above is true dnt try to show anger in public it always exposes our negative side and hides our postive shades……
    I experienced it several times…its best to adopt the strategy dts it…..

  11. RAKESH R DOSHI Avatar

    Very helpful knowledge

  12. Johne198 Avatar

    Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. ddkkdddebefa

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