Our Regrets: Do they Solve any Purpose

Chanakya in Chanakya Neeti had said that “A man regrets upon his act of sin after accomplishing it. If same wisdom be shown before doing the action then the man will definitely attain Nirvana”.

I was thrilled to find this life transforming fact. Those line are so true that anyone will agree to those without any argument. (Provided the person does not holds a PHD in Ignorance.)

In this post I have attempted to bring forward a few related facts that might help.

I would have …., but …

Majority of the most depressing as well as irritating sentences follow this format. The sample of a few has been presented below:

  • I would have topped in MBA, but was not able to concentrate over studies.
  • I would have earned One million dollars, but I rejected that offer.
  • I would have saved a lot, but indulged in alcoholism.
  • I would have won the game, but the day was not good.

We have heard hundreds of such not-so-useful sentences and will listen even more in days to come. On making a summary of those the ultimate conclusion will be that “They failed to act right at right time”.

What can we do when things mess up? The best thing will be to learn the lesson and move forward. The problem is that many people have crammed those line and take things in a very casual manner. In fact they use it like an excuse or an ointment for ego.

Burning yourself by ego, jealously, anger, and feeling of revenge, depression has nothing to do with lines mentioned above. You don’t require to prove your seriousness to anyone, but to act with sincerity. In your heart & mind you must have an unbiased understanding with a clear and productive approach.

Don’t be Casual about doing Mistakes:

Many people say that “It is normal to do mistakes in life”. I don’t agree to such casual approach and nor you should. Actually, this casual approach is the root cause or at-least a factor for most of the mistake that we do.

The reality of life is that we actually do things and those do not happen on their own. The right kind of attitude that drives you towards accepting responsibility is surely a precious possession. The unfortunate reality is that most of us lack in it.

Like it’s said that “It is not about knowing the trick, but implementing it“, in same manner you will require bringing the discussed facts in your consciousness while in action.





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    very good

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    Navaneeth Ojha

    Nice One….Thanks Creaters

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