It is Life, do not Fake it

Chanakya has said that ” Even if a gem be placed on foot and a mirror on the head. Still, the gem will not lose its value.”

The idea behind this inspirational quote is to mark the difference between people who have real talent and those who show-off. Also, it marks the difference between the special and the ordinary.

The quote stated in the first paragraph has a very deep meaning. The above paragraph is just a summary. For a better understanding I have tried to organize things under the following headings. Have a look…

Don’t judge a book by its cover:

The simple fact is that people tend to perceive things as they appear to them. Another interesting fact is that there is no hard bonding between appearance and reality. It tends to happen that both are a close match in most of the cases, but not in all set of events.

This is the reason why an ordinary person is not able to differentiate between a real gem and an ordinary piece of glass. Only a gemmologist can do it.  

* The introvert talented people must talk about or at least give a hint about their real worth. Otherwise, they will face difficulty in gaining acceptance within the society.

People use Glass, but care for Gems:

If you are someone ordinary, then it is obvious that you’ll be treated like an ordinary person. On the other hand, if you are special then you will be offered a special treatment.

I mean, who seriously cares for an object made of glass. If the window breaks you will get it replaced and move on. Anyhow, when it comes about jewels, then you do care, protect them by keeping those stones in a safe, pull them out for special occasions, let your friends know about them, and do much more.

… And in a similar manner we treat people and are treated by people.

 Long Experience Vs the shortcuts:

Be it a gem or glass, both require a lot of heat in the creation process. The thing that varies significantly in the formation of both is time.

Heat the ordinary sand to appropriate level and you will create glass. This is the reason we have so much glass all around us. It is a very-very quick process in comparison to millions of years required in creation of gem stones.

To become an expert (real one) in a field you will require devoting a lot of time and hard work. Example: Like many acquire a degree, but only a few end up enlisting in fortune five hundred.

In Modern Context:

It will be biased to conclude at this point. Take example of diamonds; those are also created artificially, but the fact remains. The artificial diamonds are cheap (say very cheap in comparison to real ones). They are used as industrial cutters and a fraction of them goes into creation of jewelry.

For sure they are more precious than glass, people care a bit for them, but at the end the major part of the story remains same.

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6 responses to “It is Life, do not Fake it”

  1. Nitish verma Avatar
    Nitish verma

    very nice thougth n well explained by you …

  2. raj Avatar

    unbeatable reality….

  3. Meenakshi Avatar

    really have understood and would like to adopt it

  4. Murali Avatar

    It was really nice thoughts. It is so nice of you to collate andshare it across

  5. Thirumalaikumar Avatar

    This post is really nice. This really helps how an individual can make an impact in a organization level.

  6. kabir Avatar

    Very True!!
    But I have a question here.
    when it is sad to be real ,honest (not to be artificial) then why do world acknowledged only the people who fake it..Eg if we go to any Page 3 party we donot acknowledge the talent of a bar tender who works his ways through the drinks instead we would go crazy about the stars and their paparazzi.
    See the point here is to that in order to be accepted or in order to gain fame you need to pretend you need to fake it.
    Although i am the one who is completely against this coz i love being real but world dont accept people like us.

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