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Communication is an important part of our lives and it really matters how we communicate. Unless you are planning for a solitary sanyasi life in the Himalayas, you would require interacting with fellow humans. Whatever you communicate and how you communicate will have an impact on your life. As a wise man, you must always consider these three things before uttering a word.

  • To whom you are speaking?
  • How are you speaking?
  • What are you speaking?

It is very crucial to understand the mindset of the person or the group to whom you desire conveying some information. Also, consider your place in the hierarchy before you speak. Be straightforward, diplomatic, or polite as per the demand of the situation.

The choice of words must match the expertise of the receiver. After all, a successful communication is about making them understand instead of flaunting your own intelligence. Your tone must match your position in the hierarchy as well as the requirement of the situation. Whatever information you provide must be true and valid, if not then ensure that you don’t get caught.

When to Speak:

Unless it’s very important a wise man must wait for his turn before he speaks. This way he not only saves himself from offending others but also casts a good impression as well. (Men in sales or marketing are an exception. Many will starve if they do so. LOL 🙂

Silence as part of communication:

Words have value, but this value does not depend on the quantity of words being used. People who speak too much usually don’t receive the attention they desire. They often unknowingly say things that they should not. Control over words is the key and it can only be achieved by controlling oneself. It is advised to remain silent when you are very sad or too happy.

Listening is an art:

If you desire to succeed, then better start listening. A wise man listens actively and based on the feedback he makes the necessary adjustments in his tone and words. This not only applies to one-on-one communication but also to marketing campaigns by big MNCs as well. Never let your ego restrict you from taking advantage of the knowledge/ideas of the other people.

* Listen to others, but act as per your discretion after giving a proper thought.

The inspiration for the Article was derived from the following Motivational Quotes embedded in different chapters of Chanakya Neeti.:

A friend who is not good shall not be trusted, nor trust a friend who has not proven bad. They may reveal your secrets to others when not in good terms with you.

One who always abides by religion, is a polite speaker, is always interested in acts of charity, is/has a faithful friend, show respect to any good advice, respects guru, is full of knowledge, and has faith in almighty is a noble soul for sure.

A really wise man is an expert in the art of speaking, he talks as per situation, speak the words that add to his fame, and shows anger in accordance with the authority he possesses.

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